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Teen Patti : Variations Of the Game 

Teen Patti is the most popular and loved domestic gambling game originated in India.  And now this game is also gaining popularity in South Asia.There are more than six million players of this game in India.  And its number outside India is even more.Teen Patti is a game that can be played in a variety of ways.In this article we will discuss some major variants of Teen Patti which is played by the people.

Major Variations of Teen Patti :

There are many variations of this game, due to which the interest of this game remains intact even today.There are many variants of this game, some of which we will discuss in detail.


 In this version, the player has 4 cards, out of which 3 cards have to be selected and organised according to the highest ranking. 

Muflis :

Muflis is a Teen Patti variant that quickly flips the script. This game is ideal for you if you frequently receive poor cards when playing Teen Patti. The Muflis game is won by the player who has the poorest hand. All other rules are the same excluding this. Therefore, when playing Muflis, you should pray for terrible cards rather than excellent ones.

3-2-1 :

Each player is assigned six cards for this version of Teen Patti, out of which they must assemble three hands. Three cards will make up the first hand, two cards will make up the second, and one card will make up the last hand. Each of these hands will be dealt independently, and the player who wins more than two times receives the full amount bet.

 999 :

One of the most intriguing Teen Patti variants is 999, in which all face cards have a value of 0. The player must attempt to make a combination that is as close to 999 as possible, as the game’s name suggests. Therefore, your combination will be 930 if you are dealt cards like 9-3-K. 111 will be the combination if you are dealt AAA. AAA is typically the highest hand, but not in the case of 999, where the lowest numbers can win.

Maatha (forehead)

As the name implies, your forehead is the focal point of this variation. Each participant receives one card; without looking at it, simply adhere it to your forehead. All of the players can see each other’s cards save for their own this manner. You only use estimates based on luck when playing this game. Cards put to the head always make for a comical scenario, and the suspense is fantastic.

And apart from all these variants there are other variants which people like to play like – Joker , high joker , low joker , 555,

kiss- Miss- Bliss , Inout , Ak47 , Hukum , cobra , king little  , sudden death , Banko etc. 

Rankings of cards in Teen Patti

The ranking of cards in the 3 Patti rules game is highest to lowest. 

  1. Three similar cards make up a trail (three of a kind). AAA is the strongest hand.
  2. Pure Sequence (Straight Flush): Three cards in a row with the same suit.
  3. Sequence (Straight): Three cards in a row, each of a different suit.
  4. Color (Flush): A flush is a series of three identically suited cards. In the event of a tie, the highest card prevails.
  5. Two cards of the same rank make up an unpaired pair (also known as two of a kind). In the event of a tie, the third card with the highest ranking shall prevail.
  6. High Card: The hand with the highest card wins if neither the player nor the dealer has a pair. 

Online Application of Teen Patti Games

As the popularity of Teen Patti game is increasing, its new variants have also started coming.That’s why you should keep an eye on the launch of new variants of this game. Due to the advancement of technology and its popularity among the people, online versions and applications of this game have also been launched and they are easy to download and handle. Some of the names of the apps are very popular among the people. Like : 

  • Teen Patti
  • Real Teen Patti 
  • Ultimate Teen Patti 
  • Royal indian Poker,Teen Patti 
  • Teen Patti online 

Wrapping it up

So, in this article, we’ve discussed the various and distinctive variations of Teen Patti, the most well-known gambling game in India. These variations are all simple to comprehend and a lot of fun to play. You only need to carefully understand the rules of each of these variations. After that, you will be able to play any variation with ease and master this game. I hope you found this article interesting. Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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