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What is the scope of online betting in India?

In a country like India, cricket happens to be one of the most loved games. Even in the gambling industry, the popularity of cricket is gaining widespread significance. Big bash league tips are important. Based on a survey it has to come to the fore that 40 % of Indian people love to place a bet on cricket. The population of India is close to 1.3 billion, and out of that 85 % of the masses have access to a mobile phone. Among them, 560 million people go on to use the internet. So there exists hardly any doubt about how online betting has gone on to evolve in a country like India.

The main reason why online betting is creating new benchmarks is the love and passion of the people towards the game of cricket. A major chunk of people indulges in online betting, and during the games of the IPL or the Big Bash, the number is expected to witness a considerable rise at the same time. Among the various sporting events, a major chunk of the betting revolves around cricket games. So, it is better that you go on to place a bet in a game of cricket at the earliest. The number is huge and the trend showcases the fact that in the days to come, it would rise. People in this part of the world no longer consider the cricketers as players, but they are rated to be placed at par with God.

History associated with betting in India

If you go through the history of betting in India since the time of the kings the concept was existed. A lot of games were won and lost, and history is a testimony to that. There the concept of dice games related to the kings where they went on to lose everything has also come to the fore.

With the passage of time, people started to place bets on horse racing and switched over to another form of the game. Around the 15-century betting went on to assume a structured form, and the emergence of casinos took place. This is a form of betting that still exists in the world today and people love to indulge in this form of betting. Things did go on to change with the coming of the British people to this part of the world. At this point in time, people did go on to start betting on their favourite games. But in the year 1867, the British government went on to ban gambling and it was the practice for a considerable point of time in this part of the world.

Do you think betting on cricket is legal in India?

Currently, there are no concrete laws in place when it comes to the question of cricket betting in India. The government of India has asked each state to formulate their own rules when it comes to gambling in this part of the world. According to laws gambling at public prices is considered to be a criminal offence and you can be put behind bars for such an activity.

The reasons why online betting has gone on to become popular

Numerous reasons are attributed to why online betting has gone on to become popular in India. Most people do have access to mobile phones, and they tend to become aware with the passage of time. People need to figure out the difference between playing legally and illegally. Still, there are a few growth factors that contribute to the popularity of betting as a sport in India.

An increase in the use of the number of mobile devices

As discussed earlier, 85 % of Indian users have access to mobile phones. Due to the ease of availability, it has become easy for them to place a bet with mobile-based app websites. The fever is expected to rise when the festive seasons for the cricket world cup and numerous leagues emerge to the core. People explore new ways where they can enjoy the game a lot more. Within a few clicks, you can place a bet on the game of cricket from any remote corner of the world. Due to an increase in the concept of live betting, people do not mind placing a bet and earning a few bucks in this regard.

Quality infrastructure

Internet with the accessibility of devices is virtually both sides of the same coin. The bookmarkers are fully aware of the fact that India is a strong market for betting, and you need to cash in on the benefits of this market at an extensive level. Some of the apps have gone on to evoke a positive response due to the user interface. More so people have gone on to adopt promotional offers when it comes to placing a bet due to the world cup and the other seasons.

The rise in the number of international betting cricket websites

With a rise in demand, there also has been an increase in supply. As discussed earlier, the bookmarkers are fully aware of the fact that India is a market where is an enormous amount of potential. So there is no lack of effort at their end when it comes to tapping this market. During the cricket season there is a major interest of people who love this game, and they are not the ones to take a back step when it comes to place a bet.

Welcome bonus

A lot of the websites go on to provide a promotional bonus when you go on to enrol for a website. In some of them, it goes on to provide referral bonuses. Upon registration, you can go on to try a host of features that are being provided by the provider. The bonuses help you to start your betting journey. With the rise in the popularity of online betting, a lot of companies have gone on to consider this type of betting at a major level.

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