Monday, May 29, 2023

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TikTok is now one of the most popular apps this year. It ranked second in Apple’s top app list for the year. With its popularity online, many TikTok trends have become viral. These include challenges that can get dangerous or people who are enticed to buy viral products on the platform.

According to David Dobrik, an online personality, the latter could be true for “one of the strongest water guns in the world.”

The World’s Strongest Water Gun

Dobrik can be seen in one of his recent TikToks flaunting a large, rifle-like water gun. The LCD panel on the top shows how much water has been added to the gun. Once you reach 100%, you are ready to hunt down some people.

Dobrik is seen in another TikTok video, shooting people with water. It’s quite impressive how strong the pressure from the water gun is.

TikTok is a great place to find viral products. People would soon start buying them. A case in point was the Aerie leggings that went viral. The product sold quickly and everyone bought the leggings.

This is also true for the Strawberry Dress. It was created and made by Lirika Mateshi, a New York-based designer. New York Times.

It’s not surprising that people are looking for Dobriks water gun, especially since Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is looking to buy a beautiful gift.

What is the Water Gun Called

If you are searching for the exact same water gun as Dobrik’s TikTok videos then it is called SpyraOne water guns and comes in two colors, red and blue.

According to HiTC, the SpareOne water gun sells for $139 while two guns can be purchased for $249.

The SpyraOne website offers free shipping to Europe and the United States. However, the water gun should also be available online on eCommerce websites like Amazon if it is more convenient.

According to the website, the SpareOne water gun is called the “best in the world”. It also boasts Single Shot Technology which allows you to shoot 24 people simultaneously. You can also refill it in 12 seconds.

The Power Shot, which offers the maximum range and precision, is also included.

Sales Expected to Rise

Dobrik’s TikTok TikTok video received 2.5 million likes, 11.9 million views and fans commented on his videos. One asked where he purchased the water gun and another said that he had placed an order.

People are anticipating that SprayOne’s water gun will be a huge success after Dobrik’s videos.

David Dobrik is well-known on YouTube and TikTok where he has over 24 million subscribers.

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