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Pokemon Go Walking Hack: You Can Do the Hack Using the Following Methods

Pokemon Go is a video game that’s based on the location of the Pokemon.

You could fake the Pokemon Go location.

If you’re an iPhone user:

Dr.Fone (iOS), is our first Pokemon Go fake-walking application.

These steps are

1 Dr.Fone can be downloaded to your computer. Dr.Fone works on both Windows and Mac computers.

2. Installation and Launch.

3 The interface will be similar to the one shown below.

4. Choose a ‘Virtual Place’.

5. Connect your iPhone with the computer Click “Get Started”.

6. You will see a pop-up box that allows you to move your iOS location. Click ‘Move Here to activate this feature.

7. How can you make fake GPS movements?

Dr.Fone Virtual Locator (iOS), does not require jailbreaking to protect your data.

Tenorshare now available on iAnyGo

Tenorshare, a popular GPS spoofing program, is

Also available

You can move your Pokemon Go avatar all over the game map using this app. You can also adjust the speed of your character. These steps will help you get started collecting Pokemon Go. After you have updated, go to PokemonGOAnywhere to download the app. Go to Pokemon Go. Click the Speed button to change your character’s speed. Tap to walk is enabled. Click any screen to have your character automatically walk.

Android users:

FlyGPS is now available

FlyGPS is an Android spoofing app. It allows you to walk, hunt Pokemon and visit PokeStop.


VPNs can hide your GPS location. Surf Shark, NordVPN and other VPNs are two examples.

If Surfshark has been used, these steps must be followed.

1. Surf Shark for your mobile device


3. Click on ‘Change GPS Location’.

4. Click “Let’s Go”.

5. Click ‘Open settings’ to enable developer options. Click ‘Open settings’.

6 Next, go to “About phone” and then “Build number”.

7 You will see a message indicating that you are in Developer mode.

8. Surfshark will prompt you to click “Open settings”, then click on “Change GPS location” in the “Developer options’ ‘. Select ‘Surf Shark.

9 Just click ‘Close to change your GPS position according to the server that you previously chose

You can also use external devices in lieu of the above. External devices are not recommended if you have a tight budget.


You can change the GPS location on your smartphone to fool the Pokemon Go system.

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