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The PS5 Pro Release date is expected within the next couple of years

According to this rumor the PS5 Pro could release within the next 2 years.

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TechRadar claims the PS5 Pro launch date is in the late 2023 to early-mid-2024. It would take almost the same time as the PS4 Pro or base PS4 Pro’s three year time frame. Sony released the PlayStation 5 in 2020.

Paul Eccleston is host of redGamingTech’s YouTube channel. Eccleston claims the PS5 Pro will run twice the speed of the base PlayStation 5 using Ray Tracing. Eccleston claims that Eccleston’s new console is a better choice for the next-generation PSVR2.

Here’s the video

GamesRadar writes that this rumor appears to be true, even though the current-spec PlayStation 5 still seems like a unicorn. It is possible that a hypothetical PS5 Pro has been in development for years. Perhaps even before the launch the base PS5. Sony keeps its cards close even though the PS5 Pro is available.

WCCFTech also revealed details on the rumored PS5 Pro. It could contain a new AMD chip manufactured using TSMC’s 4-nm process. According to gossip, the new console will have a processor of 5nm. Team Red’s Zen 4 architecture is also used in the new SoC. This was revealed at CES 2022 (via Tech Times).

You should still take this rumor seriously, until Sony confirms it.

Speculations about PS5 Pro Specs

As of today, there are speculations as to the PS5 Pro’s power. We can also examine the PS4’s old console to see how much the PS4 Pro got three years after it was launched.

The PS4 base console could play 1080p games and 30-60 FPS. The PS4 Pro was originally marketed as a console capable rendering 4K games. This trend was maintained until the launch the PS5. It was necessary to upgrade the hardware to achieve a resolution four times higher than before. This is something you might expect from a PS5 Pro that starts with a basic PS5.

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On October 29, 2020, a Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller.

One of the most significant claims about PS5 Pro specs says that it will run 2.5x faster if Ray Tracing has been enabled. Ray Tracing has a high demand on hardware. It is the reason all PS5 Quality Modes feature it almost always locking frame rates at 30 FPS. However, with a PS5 Pro, ray-tracing won’t cause any performance issues. Games will run at 60 FPS, or more.

If AMD Zen 4 cores are available, this performance claim could also be dependent on them. Now, we just have to wait.

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