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What is Vlone? How did this Fashion Brand Start?


Vlone clothing was created by a group consisting of musicians, fashion designers, and multi-talented musicians in Harlem. ASAP members began to wear the clothing, and it quickly gained attention via social media.

Who is Vlone, you ask?

“Who made Vlone?”Vlone brand clothing is a well-known ASAP Mob clothing range. Jabari Shelton, Edison and others were also founders.

ASAP Bari stated that Vlone was built on teamwork. Vlone’s clothing was designed by Edison Chen. ASAP Rocky was an Asap mob agent and helped increase brand awareness in 2014. His tour saw him wearing tee-shirts, which helped increase brand awareness.

Vlone – Meaning

Vlone is more than just a name.

Vlone is defined as “you live alone, but you die alone.” Vlone can be defined as “you live alone but you die alone.” ” “

What is Vlone clothing?

ASAP All sweatshirts and t-shirts made by Bari have an elongated V.

Bari states, “I’m no streetwear. “I’m not fashionable.

Nike & OFFWHITE collaborations

In 2016, they collaborated with OFF WHITE and Nike, among other brands.

Vlone Pants were announced as well as Vlone Hoodie. Vlone Visible Log printing was also displayed at the front of this show.

Vlone, in the urban dictionary, means “live alone and feel alone”. ASAP Rocky Hoodies have become very popular. These Hoodies include a shirt as well as a hoodie.

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