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Nikienhypen younger brother Who is Nikienhypen’s older sibling,

This is Niki’s sister. Scroll down to see more.

Are you a Hyphen fervent fan? Do you want to know more about Niki Enhypen’s older sibling? The following page contains information about Niki, his family

The Hyphen community can be found in many countries including the United States , the Philippines and other parts of the world.

Are Hyphens followers? Read on to find out more about Niki Hyphen.

What are Ni-Ki?

Nikki used to be a member of the Hyphen boys’ band. Nishimura Rika was a Maknae Japanese primary dancing and singing artist.

Sagittarius was conceived on December 9, 2005. Niki, his Chinese Zodiac sign, is . This person is a blood Type “B” and has a body weight of 63kg.

Niki was born in Okayama. He is a celebrity of just one year.

Was Niki Enhypen’s older sibling?

Niki, his older sibling, was born in 2004 Bisco. Bisco was Bisco’s canine companion.

Niki Niki is Niki’s older sister. She is 1year younger than him.

He worked for 18 months and was fourth at I-Land. His vote totaled just 1 140 718.

Niki’s achievements

SHINee’s only stage featured NicKi between 2016-2017. This article also includes Niki Enhypen’s Elder sister.

SuperM’s original episode host for I-Land was Ni-Ki.

Niki is loved because of her dance abilities. Son Sungdeuk and Doobu are just a few.

Additional skills for Ni-Ki include:

  • NiKi has the ability to play the piano with left-handed persons
  • He can recall choreographies in less than ten seconds.
  • Yuna from STAYC and ITZY shared his birthday with him. Nahyun, another LOONA woman.
  • It is his belief that dance is key to happiness.
  • At least three times, he danced to Michael Jackson DVDs.
  • The greatest hip hop artist is

Final Verdict:

Ni-Ki, one of the Enhypen siblings, is Ni-Ki. His dancing skills make him a well-known figure in I-Land.

Yang Jungwon(Kim Sunoo), Niki and Niki are Jay’s older siblings.

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