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Top Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Users – How To Access Spotify Today’s Top Fans Features


Spotify recently launched Today’s TOP FIENDS. It shows you the most popular songs and artists.

2020’s Top One percent of Fans has more details. You can find out more about their music listening habits and what songs they’ve listened to.

According to the website, this feature “is an authoritative method to show you how many times these musicians are played.” It does not indicate how long since you last listened to an artist’s song on Spotify.

Access Spotify’s Today’s Most Popular Users feature

On today’s shopfans.spotify.com, you can discover Top Fans. This feature is accessible on both desktop and mobile. To access it, you’ll need to log in.

Sign in to see statistics about your top-watched artists.

Then, you’ll discover:

  • The first time you began listening to your favorite music
  • Your top 3 favorite songs by your favorite artist
  • The song that you listened to the most by your favorite artist is
  • What time did you spend listening to your favorite artists
  • The final top fan percentage.

It is possible to find the music of artists that you are passionate about and still get the exact same stats.



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