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Access Code Euro 2021 – Where can I find details about my Access Code

Many games are summarized at its stadium ambience.

We have updated you with the most current information regarding travel restrictions and requirements in each country, for the Euro 2121 Access Code.

Access Code

UEFA matches are growing in popularity since the launch of Euro 2020. Tickets prices vary depending on access codes.

  • Tickets Prices (16 rounds).
  • Category 1 – EUR185
  • Category 2 – EUR125
  • Category 3 – EUR50

Read the following news to learn more.

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View each customer’s ticket details in the Ticket Portal. These steps will allow you to get ticket access:

  • To gain entry, an access code must be entered.
  • Clicking on “Buy” will open the match overview.
  • Once you add the ticket to the order and select the buy now option, you have a 14-minute time limit before you can cancel the order.
  • You will receive the confirmation code from UEFA via Euro 211 to your email after you pay.

Associated Countries with EU

  • Baku
  • Bucharest
  • Budapest
  • Copenhagen
  • Glasgow
  • Munich
  • Rome

Some countries prohibit passage or provide protections for policy. A country binds a visitor home.


  • Baku, Saint Petersburg and Copenhagen each have 50% capacity. Copenhagen has a confirmed status of 73.5 %.
  • Budapest has a stadium capacity of 100%
  • Rome (Bucharest), Amsterdam (Amsterdam), and Bucharest have stadium capacities of 25-45 percent.
  • London’s second game will be at 50% 75% for the semi-finals and final.
  • Munich confirms 22% of residents live in the stadium.


We have all the information you need about the Euro 2021 Access Code.

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