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Michelle Hord Husband Michelle Hord Net Worth

This article will provide information about Michellehurd Husband. Details regarding her death will be provided

Did you know that a 7-year-old girl died at her father’s hands? Michelle Hord, a former producer on “Good Morning America,” shared her heartbreaking story.

This article will tell you more about Michelle H. Husband.

Neil White

Michelle Hord used to be a producer for Good Morning America. Neil White was only 50 years old when he killed his daughter, Gabrielle. His sentence was 25 years imprisonment.

Michelle wrote her story on the murder of her daughter, in her memoir. Michelle Hord narrates how her husband killed her seven year old daughter. Gabrielle was placed under Neil’s bed in her bedroom, and she died. According to reports Gabrielle was suffering from asthma. Gabrielle and Neil Hord were married in 2017.

Michelle Hord Net Worth

Gabrielle’s Wings’ CEO is Michelle Hord. Michelle Hord runs Gabrielle’s wings.

Why did Neil kill Gabrielle?

Neil and Michelle Hord married in 2007. They had been together for 10 years. Neil was able and willing to kill his child. After extensive investigations, it was discovered that Michelle Hord Girl had been murdered by her father. He wanted to be Michelle Hord’s scapegoat for her divorce from her husband.

Hord was called by her Nanny on the night she was murdered. Michelle has written about her experience in her latest book. It was published in March 2022.

The story doesn’t include the actual name of the person, because Hord, Hord’s character, believes she has already passed away. Both go to church together.

Michelle Hord Ex Husband

Michelle Hord is still mourning the death of her child. Neil was later in a position to prove that she was responsible.

This was a far worse incident than the ones she had in her past. Michelle Hord has 7100,000 Instagram followers and 700 Facebook fans.


This article examines Hordhusband’s husband and explains how Michelle Hordhusband murdered her child.

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