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Clout Zap Scam.

People living in the United States region were forced to search for ways to make extra money. CloutZap is an online tool that helps people make more money.

CloutZap claims that it can help you quickly make money from home.

Many people want to make sure that Clout Zap is not a swindler.

Clout Zap

Clout Zap, a website that claims to make it easy to make money online, is Clout Zap. It claims it can help people create links with family and friends and help them earn passive income through tasks and games.

Referrals can be made by clicking on your link and signing up to receive referrals.

Many people in United States are skeptical that this is a legitimate scam.

Clouting a Zap scam, Legit

Users should verify the authenticity of websites before signing up for any tasks. CloutZAP scam.

  • Clout Zap was registered on 9/10/2021. It is a brand new website.
  • Additional: The expiry dates for are the 9th and the 10th of Oct 2022.
  • The website has a trust score of 1%. Users should be wary of using the website’s trust score of 39.6/100.
  • The majority of users claim that Clout Zap Scam is fraudulent in their feedbacks. The majority of negative reviews are positive.

These elements can make a site difficult to identify. We advise our readers to be cautious before signing up.

How do users feel?

Clout Zap reviews are mixed. Some people believe Clout Zap will make you a passive income.

However, the majority of users claimed CloutZap to be a scam. Many users also claimed they didn’t get paid by the deadline for their tasks.

We are unable to verify that the reviews have been positive. Before registering to make money online, we recommend that readers do their research.


Clout Zap is still under development. Several reviews were discovered. Most of these negative reviews were based on CloutZap scam.

We encourage you to read through the website. You should also look at the user reviews.



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