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Namson Gen Complete Guide – 2021 Full Details

Namso Gen generates credit cards online free of charge. Namso generates namsopro’s freemium.


NamsoGen is the most trusted credit card generation software.


Namso Gen is a random credit-card generator tool that is vital in web programming. They must ensure that credit card transactions are smooth.

Namso Gen

Namson Gen is the most popular credit card generation software. These key features are Namso Gen.

  • Namso Gen can issue credit cards with a verification code (CVV).
  • 16 digits are the 16-digit credit card numbers.
  • Credit card holders have the option to use any name they like
  • Every card comes with a 3-month validity.
  • Namso Gen makes a card that shows a specific amount. This card can be used for test purchases.
  • Namso Gen numbers can’t be redirected into any bank account.
Namso Gen Working Algorithm

Namso Gen uses the LUHN algorithm to generate random credit card numbers based on users’ Bank Identification Numbers. Modulus 10, also known as Luhn’s algorithm. This algorithm is used to verify the Namso Gen credit card numbers. The algorithm will immediately correct any error it detects. The following steps are used to validate credit card numbers using Luhn’s algorithm

  • Each alternating digit must be doubled, starting with the rightmost
  • Replace the numbers with the calculated sums
  • Summary of all positions’ values
  • This will return a result of 0.

The Luhn algorithm returns an errors value of 0. Namso Gen uses Luhn’s algorithm to authenticate random credit card numbers to prevent fraud.

Use Namso Gen Software.

Namso Gen creates credit card numbers in a few easy steps.

  • The first six characters of the BIN (or issuer’s identification number) are the BIN. These numbers are the same for every card issued by the bank/financial institutions.
  • The next 8 numbers of the cardholder’s ID number are their numbers
  • The last digit is the check number. It verifies that other digits are valid.
Is Namso Gen Legal?

Namso Gen Software is legal. It’s only for site testing. Namso Gen Software is legal. It doesn’t connect to any bank accounts. Namso Gen is legally recognized.

Is Namso Gen Being Replaced By Other Softwares

Namso Gen software has the sole CC-generating feature. All other software generate unverified credit card numbers that could cause problems with websites. Namso Gen offers these securities as a trusted interface provider.

  • Interface is easy to use
  • Use with confidence
  • No personal data required
  • One 6-digit binary ID could generate thousands or hundreds of random credit card numbers
Namso Software – What’s it all about?

Namso Gen Software offers several advantages.

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