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App88vin.Com: Beware! This could make you a victim!

It is impossible to live without the internet. And frauds are increasing due to the excessive use of the internet. This section will detail the most common frauds. Due to a worrying trend in online frauds, users need to be extremely cautious about their online security. may be a landing page. Before you decide whether it is safe, read this article.

You will learn why scammers are able to take our money so easily in this post.

Online Shopping Frau

Online shopping fraud is very common. This scam involves the use of attractive offers at incredible prices to trick shoppers into paying their money.

  • Shoppers should verify the websites they shop at.
  • The scammers may create fraudulent websites by asking shoppers to verify the website discount, the owner’s profile, policies and contact information. They also provide website logos, Whois details and URLs. Scammers do not disclose their company details, policies or owners’ profiles. Shoppers should verify all details before purchasing from any website.

Bitcoin fraud

Bitcoin is the most infamous and largest scam ever. A bitcoin scammer makes money by offering users free bitcoin giveaways. Due to the popularity of Bitcoin, fraudsters are attempting to scam users by using the name of bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin fraudsters trick innocent people by telling them they need to register in order to get free giveaways.
  • A fraudster using bitcoin will ask you to invest certain amounts so be careful.
  • The scammer creates a false story to conceal the truth. They may pretend they are from the user’s account. Users trust their fake story and share their details.

Romance scam

In order to gain trust and respect, the romance scamster creates a fake profile. If you’re looking to find Mrs. / Mr. The perfect match for you on a dating site? Do your research. Fraudsters can make you fall for romance scammers while you are searching for the right person.


  • To gain the trust of romance app/web users, a fraudster will tell a fictitious story. In order to get them to believe him, they will ask for their private information.
  • They will not allow you to communicate with them.
  • They will not reveal their presence to you in person; however, they will convince your trust by telling you they live in another country.


Gaming is a popular entertainment source. People of all ages enjoy it. Gambling fraudsters use this source to introduce fraud gaming apps and websites.

  • You should not click on the links sent by fraudsters. These links contain malware that can infect your computer.
  • You can independently visit the gaming site and verify that it is legitimate or fake.
  • Customer service is an important aspect of your business. Make sure you verify the contact information before you contact the customer support team.

Avoid fraud by making money:

Fraudsters who make money from earning money are the most dangerous. The biggest fraudsters in order to earn money will claim that you will quickly make money.

  • For earning money, they will ask you to log into your account.
  • They will promise money without you doing anything. This is a huge sign of fraud.
  • Triple-check the Url

Phishing scam

Phishing is the latest online scam. You may receive an email from your bank asking you to log in to your account to update your details. They also provide a link which will take you to the relevant page. This email is not from your banking institution.


How can you avoid phishing scams?

  • You should always double-check an email that you have received.
  • Never click on any link provided.
  • Click the link to visit the site and log in.
  • If in doubt, then find the correct contact number and phone the company



This online scam uses the web to con people into giving up their personal information or money. There are many forms of the scam, including emails and links that trick people into paying incorrect amounts to the bank account. Credit card details can also be stolen

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