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Prettyscale’s Truth: Does It Actually Matter?

Prettyscale claims it can analyze your facial beauty.

Prettyscale measures your facial symmetry, and then compares your proportions with the ideal proportions.’s website looks like the following:

Prettyscale provides a range of numbers from 1 to 100, depending on how ugly or beautiful you are.

You’ll be left with a list of all the things wrong with your face.

So is Prettyscale legit? Are the Results Accurate


#1. There are not enough measurements

Prettyscale asks for you to place points onto your face. It gives you the feeling they understand what you’re doing.

You would need much more measurements to achieve what they claim.

Prettyscale will only measure two things about your nose, which is evidence that it doesn’t capture you in any way.

Think about all the things that are left out. Prettyscale doesn’t care whether your teeth are whitened or rotten, if there are any boils around your eyes, or if bird feathers are used in place of your skin.

#2 Pretending that everything is symmetric

Prettyscale assumes that symmetry is the only thing that defines who is beautiful and who is ugly.

It does not. This test would be a failure for many actors, actresses, and models. They are nevertheless considered the most physically attractive humans alive.

#3: Using photos

Prettyscale’s accuracy is also hampered by the use of pictures. A picture may not be as accurate as what you actually look like in reality.

Cameras can make your nose, forehead, and chin look larger than they really are. Your face can appear longer or shorter.

You can read this article for a complete explanation.

So, that’s our Prettyscale Review. Although Prettyscale might be fun for some, is it accurate? No. Results are not to be taken seriously. Prettyscale isn’t real and can’t tell you if you are beautiful or ugly.

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