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Dumpor is the Best Instagram Anonymous Stories Viewer

Dumper App can be used in a simple, anonymous way.

Sometimes called an insta-stalker, insta-stalker, or an instant-watcher. Instagram has the potential to be a great platform for finding new friends and followers or even love.

Would you like to have the inside scoop about their activities?

Searching for or downloading Instagram posts of others is possible without having to create an Instagram profile.

To view someone’s photos, reels and tagged posts, videos or reels you don’t necessarily need to be close. does the rest.

Dumpor allows you to view Instagram stories and also acts as an Instagram stalker tool.

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  • There are many questions (FAQs) that people ask.

What is Dumpor and what can it do for you?

Dumpor allows you to track other users using Instagram.

The working principle of a dumpor.

Many men and women have tried to find their ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends that haven’t contacted them for a while.

Everyone ought to be able to view what is happening in social media networks.

Dumpor makes it possible for your ex to view their Instagram stories, photos and videos completely free. Your identity is kept secret.

You can search using tags and labels to find family, friends, and stories. Search by categories such shopping and neighborhoods to locate stories, reels or tag posts.

How do you use Dumpor app

Dumpor App is compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones.

  1. is all you need. Click the search button.
  2. Use your username to create an account.
  3. Confirm your IG account by clicking on the IG logo.
  4. Dumpor Users can anonymously view all posts, stories, comments and other information without registering with IG.

Dumpor Features:

An Instagram stalker tool allows you to track Instagram stories posts, reels, and viewers.

  • Instagram’s stalker app is completely safe.
  • This is an open-source, free app that allows users to spy on Instagram, track and shop for other people.
  • An Instagram app that is simple and straightforward.
  • Find Instagram stories and tags by other people.
  • Access all stories, images and videos quickly and easily with Dumpor.
  • Instagram account holders are unable to see if they have downloaded any photos or read the story.
  • This app makes it easy to quickly locate many hashtags. It will help you sell.

How do you choose the best dumpor alternatives?

There’s a lot of Dumpor options. Pichu Ki Storiesgrams FastSave Storiesgrams, Stories Grams, and Stories Grams all provide other Dumpor options.

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Many people pose questions (FAQs).

Is Dumpor anonymous?

Dumpor may be used anonymously to verify someone’s identity.

Is Dumpor anonymous?

The Dumpor allows anonymous analysis of profiles.

Are story viewers able to maintain anonymity?

Anonymous access via the dumpor to Instagram Stories & Instagram posts


You are able to easily access an Instagram account from someone else without them being aware using certain online apps.

The Final Thoughts

Dumpor can be used to download Instagram stories reels. If you’re looking to become an Instagram stalker, Dumpor could be a great choice.

Dumpor can help increase your Instagram following. Dumpor is an Instagram application that’s totally free.

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