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HTML5_ How can you define Switch Virtual Interface

Layer2 switched data was a faster way to transmit data in early networks. The router took a lot of time.

Network engineers intend to extend the switch sections so that access, distribution, and core layers are included. Loop problems were created by connecting layer two switches to those layers.

The span-tree protocols were created by engineers to solve this problem.

The router was then moved up to core or distribution levels without any effect on network performance HTML Interview Questions. Next, network engineers created the distribution swathes of VLANs. They act as layer-3 gateways to the switch VLANs users.

Every distribution switch should be assigned an address. Since there are no physical loops lower than level 2,

We can configure multilayer switch VLANs to support Layer 2 (layer3) and inter-VLAN routing.

A Switch Virtual Interface doesn’t provide a physical link.

Three-layer packet processing by VLAN-associated hosts . It is crucial that your switch be connected to the VLAN from which you intend to configure.

As you can see, it must be running VLAN 100 from the VLAN Database. If it’s not, the SVI interface will fail to work.

  • To create a VLAN gateway.
  • Layer 3. Layer 3.
  • To enable routing protocol and bridging arrangements

Two virtual Infrastructures (SVIs) were required for routing inter-VLAN information.

To enable routing, use the IP routing command. The IP routing command uses the IP address information.

Use the Show IP route or Show Startup-config commands to verify your IP routing configuration.

As I said, the switch interface (SVII), can be used for Layer 3 as much as Layer 2 switches. Layer 2 switches cannot be used without the switch inter (SVII ).).

You can confirm the configuration of the interface using the Show Ip Interface quick command.

The will display all ports as well as the virtual interface to your switch.


  • This virtual interface is faster than routers using sticks since everything is hardware-switched.
  • Routing is independent of links between the router/switch.
  • Layer 1 Ethernet Channel can be used for increasing bandwidth.


They are expensive and can be expensive.

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