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Pretty Is it legit?

This blog will discuss information about a website that analyses the beauty and unhappiness of someone who uses a calculator.

Pretty is able to tell you which parts of you are the most beautiful and which ones are the least.

This article will discuss the website in great detail. Since it belonged to an American company,

You need to be familiar with Pretty Scale before you can use it. What’s your deal?

Pretty caters to mature women. It provides a variety of scales for assessing your beauty.

According to the website, the beauty calculator in their computer system can determine how beautiful or ugly your face is. In order to share your image,

Users can reach them by clicking a help button. A form can be filled out to request assistance from the Beautiful Scale site.



  • * Site type: Online Beauty Calculator
  • * United States of America
  • * Free/nil test price
  • * Embed System – Measuring criteria
  • * These are the current results.
  • * Accessible at: is positive

  • * It’s a mature website (launched nine years back).
  • * This site can be used to help people with beauty issues.
  • * This scale measures your beauty.
  • * Complex individuals will find it helpful as it boosts self-esteem.
  • * Use the United States’ website free of charge.
  • Uploads and shared images cannot be used.’s negative features

  • * An interface of a very small size is available on the Pretty Scale page.
  • * It is possible that the owners are not well-known.
  • * Despite having a lot of positive reviews, the website is still quite mature.
  • Low self-esteem could lead to low self-confidence

Which steps should I take to make the website work?

The Beautiful Scale Website is very easy to use.

  1. When you’ve indicated your gender, upload your photo.
  2. Refer to the below steps to align the measuring tape.
  3. It is important to read the results and the overall percentage you have at the end.

The opinions of users about

You can use this website to assess if it is useful.

The Pretty Scale website has not received any positive reviews.


The Beautiful Scale Website can be used to have fun.

Have fun and enjoy the exercise

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