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 Sublayers – LLC & MAC Essential Functions

The data link layer has a sublayer. The LLC sublayer connects directly to the network layer. The MAC (or MAC sublayer) communicates with the lower layers. This article briefly describes both sublayers within data link layers. This diagram shows the structure of both LLC Sublayers and MAC Sublayers.

LLC Overview and Function

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The network protocol information is received by the LLC layer at the top of data link layers. This packet is usually an IPv4 one.

Software is used to implement LLC. It can be used to communicate and collaborate with other network computers.


As I mentioned, LLC communicates with uppers. i.e. . I also stated that LLC communicates directly to the uppers. i.e.

Layer 3 transmits packages. LLC retrieves packages using Layer 3 protocols like IPX and ARP layers. Forward it.

LLC may offer reliable frame-forwarding. To acknowledge each frame, the receiving side uses an acknowledgment number.


If necessary, the sending network can retransmit frames that have been lost during transmission.

Unacknowledged, Connectionless Service

Connectless service can also be called best-effort service.

Connectless Acknowledged Service

This service transfers data directly from Layer2 peer to ensure data reliability.

Data senders can help you track lost frames and damage, as well as ensure reliability.

HTML4_ Services Connection-Oriented

Before data can be sent, it must be received from peers.

Receipt required

This creates a logical link, before data transfers actually start.

Get in touch with our customer service team by completing the Acknowledgment

This service allows data transfer to occur before the actual start of the process.

The sublayer – The function

The MAC layer of the data link Layer provides access to various network technologies. The MAC subsection can access different network technologies.


The MAC layer wirelessly connects to Ethernet LAN technology to send and retrieve frames via copper cables or fiber-optic cable.

We all know that the Media Access Control Layer (or (MAC) is located at the center of the LLC sublayers.

  • Data encapsulation
  • Media access control

Data encapsulation

Data Encapsulation refers to the assembly and disassembly data from transmission.

  • Data Framing. A sequence of characters that recognizes group bits within a frame.
  • Addressing-The OSI layer that deals with addressing is known as the Data Link Layer. This number is used to verify that the correct data has reached each device.
  • Error Identification Every frame contains a link that contains an error trailer for transmissions.

Media Access Control

Second, the Media Access Control sublayer must ensure media users have full access to the media layers.

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