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Walmart Gift Card – Complete Guide

Walmart Gift Cards are something that everyone has seen. To create your gift cards, follow this guide. Registration

Always verify that your Walmart Gift Card is valid. This is important because gift vouchers from different brands might be confused with Walmart cards.

Please enter the Gift Coupon number, expiry date, and password. Registration Help

Please call Walmart Helpline (866) 633-996 if you have questions about registration.

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This receipt must be presented by the seller. Next choose “credit” as your payment method. To confirm receipt, you will need to sign the sales receipt.

Walmart Gift Card Uses

Walmart Visa gift vouchers can be used almost anywhere. Visa debit cards cannot be accepted in Puerto Rico.

Use your card to check the balance.

Check your balance using your Walmart card at any Walmart Cashier Or, log in to and call 1-800-6339096 with the Automated Phone System span>

Why Shop Online with a Walmart gift card?

In order to purchase online, by email, phone or over the internet, you may need to register your card online.

A second payment method is required in order to complete the purchase.

Use a gift card at a petrol station?

Yes. Yes. But, the pump won’t take you Card.

Use a gift card from outside the country

Gift certificates must be used within 50 Miles of the United States and District of Columbia in order to be valid. Puerto Rico cannot be included.

I’ve lost my Walmart gift voucher. What should you do?

Contact Customer Service immediately if your Card is stolen or damaged. To verify that you have not been the victim of fraudulent transactions,

If your Card was lost or stolen before it was registered, support cannot assist. Support must be notified immediately if you have lost or stolen money from your card.


The guide was not made by any celebrity blogger. The guide was written by someone who had purchased Walmart gift cards and was satisfied with the results.

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