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What’s Next-Hop networking?

Next-hop refers to the nearest network router through which a data package can pass.

Every router has its own routing table. This address can be determined by using the routing protocol and metric.

It is used to keep information on routers and other networks in its routing table. The lowest metric, called the next hop, is called the next-best router. Hop count refers to the increase in packets passing through a router’s router.

The packet must travel 10 times to reach its destination. This topology can be seen in Figure 2. Next, look at Figures 4, 5 and 6 to see the routing tables.

These are the routing tables of Router1,rour2, Router3, and, in this instance, Router1. Every router includes entries for directly connecting networks as well as local addresses.

A router knows nothing about networks beyond the ones it is connected with. Router0

  • Between Router1 & Router2
  • 168.20.0/24 Network for Router1
  • 168.30.0/24 Network for Router2

Figure 5. Router0, Router1 or Router1 obtain ping results from Router1 using the IP address The ping success is due to network being available in the routing tables as a directly connected router.

Figure 6 shows the results of ping between Router and Figure 6, which are IP addresses and 6. This is the Router’s IP address. But, this result fails.

Router0 is unable to determine where to send a request for ping.

For identifying the next hop router you can use an IP address or Exit interface.

Next hop Route We only show the IP addresses next-hop routing routing routers in our routing tables.

Directly connected static routing

Fully defined static route We specify exit and next-hop addresses.

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