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Who is a giant? Rod Reiss explains AOT

The Manga Anime characters of the Huge Titan are also called Attack of Titan (AOT). It is also known by the nickname “colossal Titan “. . It is well-known for its huge size and complete control of steam emissions.

The Great titan produces steam through its body, and also exercises control over blast during transform. In 845, the first appearance of the colossal Titan was made. Abilities/Characteristics of Huge Titan or Colossal Titan

The titan’s incredible attributes and abilities are unmatched.

Steam Emission

We mentioned that the titan’s giant can control the amount of steam it can release. To scare off others, the titan could produce as much steam as it wanted to keep them away from its nape.

Titan’s steam emitting power can be used in many ways. The steam-emitting power of Titan can be used to drive people away.

The Colossal Titan has the ability to heat an individual and attach them to it

It is true that the Titan can be injured when it does too much. This can lead to a decrease of muscle mass that will make the Titan’s bones stand out.

The Huge Titan can vaporize its entire body in extreme circumstances and then disappear instantly. An Omni-directional Gear (ODM), can aid in mobility when fighting against Titan.

Trost’s Huge Titan is a wonderful example. He released steam to repel Jaeger from his nape.

Explosive Transformation

Do you know anything? Although all Titans are capable of producing large amounts of steam and energy, only one Titan can use this energy for transformation to create other effects.

Trost confronted Bertholdt and his transformation triggered a massive air blast that sent some cadets soaring above the wall.

Bertholdt was able to produce energy comparable with a small nuclear weapon during combat at Shiganshina District. Many Scout Regiment officers died.

This transformation resulted in large amounts of rubble, mushrooms, and dust. Arielt generated energy waves from the action, which damaged the port.


The immense size of the Huge Tian has been well-known.

The strength of the Huge Titan could destroy the Wall Maria’s outer gate with one swift kick Eren Jaeger observed as it glided from the Wall Maria tip.

And the arms of a Colossal Titan might not be as large as its body.

Armin also uses the power and size of the Huge Titan in order to destroy Marleyan vessels. After his transformation, Armin stamps on the vessels.

Rod Reiss created the Titan Form

Rod Reiss also went by the title “Lord Reiss”. Rod ruled the Walls, 845-555. Rod also used the title “Lord Reiss”.


Human Form

Rod sported a smaller head than Historia. Rod was slightly heavier than Historia.

Rod is known for dressing up as a famous person.

Rod can wear pants, a shirt, and a long jacket during Titan rituals.


Rod is calm, composed, and collected.

Rod was able to keep his head up during the encounter between Ackerman Historia & Eren. Rod was grabbed by Rod’s throat, and Ackerman attempted to slit his throat.

Rod became hyperactive after Historia had crushed his serum. Historia had to pour the serum onto the ground and Rod was so distraught, he wept.

Transformation into a Huge Titan Form: How?

One rod could transform into a Huge Titan. He had used the serum before.

What did Historia think? Rod was given the mixture.

A reviewer at claimed that only abnormal Titans have been identified. Their characteristics are different from those of regular Titans.

The rod might not have absorbed the serum properly. A Titan was born. It was more powerful and flexible than any other Titan breed.

Rod is well known for his large stature. Reiss stood 60m taller than the Huge Titan.

Reiss was famous for his skeletal design.

Rod’s body was created to look like an adult worm.

His enormous size and the intense heat he produced were reminiscent of the Huge Titan.

Titan Shifters

Rod was given a Huge Titan serum. Historia could become a great titan through the use of the serum, according to legend.

This begs the question: Who were some of the most powerful men in history?

They are the changers.

How did Rod Reiss become a huge success?

Many people believe that it was Reiss’ eating habits.

Another reason was that the story featured themes of ambitions, willpower, and that were an important part of it. His ambition made Reiss an outstanding leader.

We know that Reiss is a member of the Royal Family. They are able to exert some control over the Ymirs.

We believe the Founding Titans have a strong connection with the Ymir, as well as all of the elders. Rod may have convinced them Rod was powerful and influential.


Reiss took in liquid and his body grew.

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