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How Can Parents Assist Children To Follow Rules?

Family rules or household rules are necessary for the child. It creates structure and gives specific instructions about what behaviors are acceptable or not. Effective household rules are needed for the child to flourish and bloom. Children should follow the rules until they become fully grown and able to self-regulate their behavior, just like how the LMS portal allows the educators to self-regulate, conduct and execute the online classes without any restriction. Parents are their’s children first teachers, so they should let their children know the value of having rules and how these rules prepare them for the outside world. LMS full form is a learning management system, and this software automates all the learning sessions of the educators.

Some Recommendations To Help Children Follow Rules

A timely reminder to children- children are always excited during their playtime, which may cause distractions from the rules, or they may forget them. So parents can remind house rules to their children in play. Elaborate on the purpose of following rules and the consequences of breaking them. When your child is about to enter into any situation where it seems like they are about to misbehave or will do something that is inappropriate and is about to break the household rules, at that time, ask them about the rules in those specific circumstances and states the consequences of not following them. For example- when the child is extending the time of playing the video game, parents can ask how much time period they have been allowed for a video game? Or what happens when they extend those time periods? 

Praise encourages children to follow the rules – Parents need to be attentive if their children follow the rules and should appreciate the same. Praising Your children when they are on their good behavior and following the house rules can make them feel good, boost motivation and lead to positive outcomes. For example- when your kids are brushing their teeth after waking up and before going to bed, a parent can say something like- well done! You are a good kid. Sometimes positive affirmations like giving them high-fives are enough for the child.

Rewards and consequences- If children follow the house rules and behave appropriately, their parents should come up with rewards that they will appreciate. These rewards will encourage the child to follow and always remember the household rules. Some rewards are -arranging movie night according to their choices, special treats, extra playtime, etc.

When the child breaks or resists following the rules, parents should let their child know about the consequences of their actions. These consequences should be age-appropriate and should be enforced calmly. If the child is doing it the first time, explain why the rules are essential and why they should follow them gently and sensitively. The parent should never scare their children by yelling at them about the house rules. Also, make them understand the distinct roles of parent and child (the differences between being a parent and what it means to be a child). Explain and justify them by showing them the bigger picture of following rules.

There will be circumstances when your child will compare rules with the household rules of their friends. They will ask why their friends are doing something that is not allowed to them. In that case, parents should make them aware that each house and families are different, so as their rules. Also, help them to see the connection between loving and obeying. 

A note to parents- parents must make household rules in the presence of their children. Make them aware of how the rules are going with the family’s values. Make sure they agree on rewards and the consequences. A parent should be role models for their children, so they should follow all the rules in the first place.

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