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UAE Labour Law and Employment Lawyers

UAE Labour Law is a Law to protect the rights of employees and the employers in United Arab Emirates. UAE Labour Law was first introduced in 1980. It was introduced to regulate the employment operations and employer and employee relations. MOHRE was introduced to monitor all the operations on behalf of UAE government as the legal and government entity or the body. MOHRE manages all the operations and the law for managing the operations is UAE Labour Law. UAE Labour Law is amended several times before, but that was used to be just amendments. UAE Labour Law in 2022 is a big achievement where the law is revised and amended on massive and bigger level. We will discuss few important points here about New UAE Labour Law 2022. February 2nd, 2022, Federal Decree Law # 33 of 2021 came in to enforce, replacing Federal Law No # 8 of 1980. The work schedule is also changed in United Arab Emirates. It is from Sunday to Thursday and Half Day on Friday, in government sectors. 

  • Employees can resign on probation period now. They just have to give a notice which is at least 14-Days. Check with Labour and Employment Lawyers in UAE, this regard. With a mutual consensus, it can be increased to a reasonable level but employer has to compensate the employee, if he is retained more than the 14-Days’ notice period. But this condition is just for going outside the United Arab Emirates. 
  • If being on probation period, employee is moving to another employment opportunity then he has to give One Month Notice period. Check with MOHRE or book the legal appointment with any Labour and Employment Lawyers in United Arab Emirates. Employer can certainly claim the cost of VISA processing. 
  • Non-Competition is also not like before. Regarding non-competition the softness is created, in the favour of employer and employee. Non-Competition is properly defined this time. It can be maximum two years.  
  • Probation period will be maximum 6 months. 
  • Now the Employment Contract is just Fixed term or also called as Limited Contract. The maximum time is 3 years. It has to be renewed after 3 years. The fixed term contract can also be shorter if the employer and employee both are mutually agreed and having consensus on it. 
  • Employers are asked to finish and shift to new contract system within 3 years. 
  • “Over Time” working is properly introduced now. Employees can work on over time, but the managers and supervisors are not made the part of this. 
  • New Law makes one holiday in a week. 
  • Salary must be paid through WPS. It has to be in local currency which is AED. 
  • Annua leave is one month which is a paid month. 
  • Maternity leave has been increased. It will be 60 Days now. 45 Days will be paid the full salary by the employer and the 15 days will be paid as the half salary by the employer. Employee is also allowed to take holidays after the maternity leave, but that will not be paid. For any reason the additional leave is 30 Days, but unpaid. 
  • Employees can also take a Study Leave but after the two years of service. It is not clear that this leave will be paid or not paid. 
  • Employers have right to suspend the employee or employees. An employee can be suspended for 30 Days, for an investigation. He has to be paid One/Half pay during the investigation. 
  • Employers have also the option to terminate the contract of the employee. Minimum Notice period set by the Law is 30 Days. The infinite limit has been removed and now the maximum notice period is 90 Days. 
  • New UAE Labour Law also defines the rule for the OLD Employment Contracts, who have to move to new employment contract yet. It shows that employer will provide 30 days notice period if the employment is less than 5 years. 60 Days Notice period will be offered by the employer if the service is more than 5 years. 90 Days Notice period will be for a service more than 10 years.
  • As per new Law, now the employees are fully entitled for the EOSB, but he still needs to complete the one year of service. 
  • As per New UAE Labour Law, the maximum time period is two years, for the non-competition. It means, that maximum an employee can be restricted for two years. 
  • Discrimination and stopping people from growth due to race, country or nationality will be strictly punished now. 
  • The workplace harassment and sexual harassment punishments have been made quite strict than before. 

Contact Labour and Employment Lawyers

Labour and Employment Lawyers are the professionals who are supposed to help. They are authorized and licensed to answer legal queries, offering legal counselling, getting power of attorney, appearing in court, drafting the legal agreements. These Employment Lawyers can guide the seekers better than any online source or blog. The simple solution is to book the legal appointment and consult the Labour and Employment Law Advocates. They are not just the experts, they are also the authorized legal figures to provide solutions. They have the education, experience and they are also allowed to provide the advice. Labour and Employment Lawyers can only be UAE National Lawyers, if they have to represent any client in Dubai Courts or anywhere in UAE.  

Emirati Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai are very much famous in all the Labour and Employment Lawyers in the United Arab Emirates. These Lawyers have been playing the important role in the development of local businesses and business with the outer world. Business cannot be run on smooth grounds, if there would be hurdles created by any source. Therefore, the employer and employee relations have to be made stronger and disputes have to be reduced. Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai are playing very important role. The understanding from UAE Labour Law to any kind of Employment Matter, Labour and Employment Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai are the best choice. For example, the Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai. The best or among the best Law Firms in Dubai as well as United Arab Emirates. There are several Law Firms like this where a legal appointment can help the seeker to grab the right solutions.     

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