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How to choose appropriate fabric for your sofa?

A good-looking sofa set can change the taste of your living room to a great extent. Some critical issues require attention before you invest your hard-earned money on the sofa set. The fabric is one of the essential aspects of your sofa set. Your choice of the sofa set should depend on looks and comfort. Choosing neutral fabric for your couch is an all-time better option. They are a versatile option for any room. Apart from neutrality, there are other areas that you need to consider.

Essential areas to consider before making the purchase

  • Weave: The look and the durability of the fabric depending on the weave of the material. You can say a lot from the feel of the fabric. You can even compare loose weave cheesecloth with a pair of thick denim jeans. It will give you the correct picture of the weave. The warp and the weft of the fabric are all that give it its character. A tight weave makes a piece of fabric more durable, easy to wash, and they do not lose their shape quickly. A loose weave allows the fabric to drape and enable the passage of light through it. Linens generally have a light weave. It makes them easy to drape as a sofa cover but is susceptible to wear out in the long run. Velvet, on the other hand, has a tight weave as they have horizontal patterns. The threads stand upright, making them a fuzzy and soft texture.


  • Performance fabric: It also refers to the indoor or outdoor fabric. Most indoor or outdoor materials are made of acrylic as the threads are dyed all the way through. The dye changes the outer layer of the fleece. As a result, the dyed yarn is vulnerable to staining and the sun-bleach. You will have to make a prudent decision while choosing your indoor or outdoor fabrics. Both have different properties that need consideration. The indoor materials usually have lost weave, while the outdoors have a strong weave. They are more durable and long-lasting.


  • Acrylic and polyester: Synthetic fabrics have bad breathability and softness as compared to natural materials. However, acrylic and polyester are an exception in this regard. These fabrics do not break easily and hence have more extended durability in comparison to natural materials. They are also stain-resistant, which makes them a better choice over the raw fabric. Often a blend of synthetic and natural is preferred to derive the best of both. You get the softness and breathability of natural fabric and durability and stain resistance of the synthetic fabric.


  • Cost: Denser, tighter fabrics require more labor; hence they are more expensive. While the loose weaves require less delivery, making them less costly. More steps during the weaving process mean higher production costs. It is a reason why velvet comes expensive.

The various factors that determine the fabric are very crucial. They are the reasons why different materials come with separate price tags. Consider all the aspects before making your pick.

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