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Men’s Summer Hats: What Types of Hats Men Should Choose During Summer?

As the summer months have arrived again, men have started looking for functional and high-quality summer hats that will protect them from the UV rays and glare while also boosting their personality and summer fashion statement. Online stores are full of different types of summer hats such as sun hats, Panama hats, straw hats, fedora hats, etc. Therefore, choosing the perfect summer hats that will provide you comfort might get overwhelming. To ease your difficulty while buying the best summer hats for men, we have created a list of different summer hats that will allow you to pick the right one.

The hats are one of the most popular summer fashion accessories due to their ability at protecting you from the UV rays and showcasing fashion sense.

Best Sun Hats for Men: What Do You Need to Know about Characteristics 

During the summer, you need to achieve superior protection from the sun rays because overexposure to sunlight and UV rays will cause skin degradation, aging, and most importantly, skin cancer. While choosing the best sun hat for men, make sure it is comfortable, versatile, lightweight, and effective enough at providing sun protection. The brim will shield your face, eyes, and neck. The wider the brim of the sun hats, the better UV protection they will be able to provide.

When you know about different types of summer hats, you will not only be able to choose something that will reduce the harmful effects of UV rays on your skin, but also something that will complete your outfit. Continue reading the article to know more.

Summer Straw Hats for Men 

If you’re planning to enter the summer hat market, you should consider the straw hats as they are one of the most famous hats amongst men. They are extremely trendy which will help you pair them with any summer outfit. But the greatest advantage of the summer straw hats for men over the other types of hats is that they are lightweight and comfortable. As they feature higher breathability, they will keep your head cool while also shielding you from the UV rays. Unlike some other summer hats that will cause you a headache if you wear them for a long time, you don’t need to worry about this issue while wearing straw hats.

The fedora hats and Panama hats are the two most popular types of hats that fall in the group of men’s summer straw hats. Apart from their lightweight material and build quality, manufacturers design the fedora hats and Panama hats in such a way that they would increase the cooling effect and breathability of your head. The brim will also provide sun protection. But it’s essential to wear a sunglass too.

Wide Brim Sun Hats for Men 

Perhaps the most popular and functional summer hat you can find in the market. The wide brim sun hats for men belong to the group of summer hats that men should purchase if they stay outdoors for a long time during the summer months. If you’re planning to go on outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and hunting, you would need a sun hat. As the brim of these men’s sun hats is wide, it is perfect for protecting your eyes, face, ears, neck, and shoulders from overexposure to sunlight. Due to their breathable design and high-quality materials, they will never become uncomfortable. But make sure you take relevant steps while cleaning the men’s sun hats.

Summer Caps for Men 

If you want to achieve casual summer looks, you need to choose a summer cap for men. These caps come with a visor at the front which will help your face and eyes stay protected from the damaging UV rays. As per CDC, UV exposure can cause eye problems. If you’re not confident about your appearance after wearing a hat, the caps should be your best alternative. You won’t face any problem wearing the caps. However, keep in mind that caps are an extremely casual-oriented fashion statement. Therefore, you always need to pair them with your casual summer outfits. Do not try to wear caps with formal outfits as they will destroy your complete personality.

Even though manufacturers use many kinds of materials such as sheepskin, suede, and leather, you should not choose these materials during summer. Instead, consider choosing more breathable and lightweight materials for your caps.

Bucket Sun Hats for Men 

For the past couple of years, bucket sun hats for men have stayed as one of the most wanted hats on the market. The bucket hats are undoubtedly functional and eye-catching summer hats for men who prefer casual appearances and don’t try to pull off formal attire more often. Bucket sun hats for men are known for making you look cool. Therefore, if you want to showcase a casual and cool personality, the men’s bucket hats should be your priority. With medium and small brim sizes, the bucket hats for men are extremely effective at helping you with regular activities. If you think your skin will be exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun for a long period, you need to purchase sun hats that feature a wide brim as they will provide superior protection from the sun rays.

Summer Dress Hats for Men 

As the name implies, you cannot wear summer dress hats for men without wearing a high-quality and attractive suit. In other words, the summer dress hats for men are something that can only be paired with formal outfits. If you’re planning to attend an event and wearing formal or semi-formal outfits, the men’s summer dress hats will help you complement your fashion statement. Dress hats for men are one of the most formal hats you can find in the market that should never be paired with any type of casual outfit. However, keep in mind that dress hats for men are made of felt or wool. This is why they might feel slightly uncomfortable depending on the colors you choose for the hats. This is why men prefer wearing them in the cold evenings. However, if you do need to purchase dress hats for summer, consider choosing straw as the primary material. This is because straw is breathable and lightweight.


These are the different types of hats men should choose during the hot summer months. If you want to purchase the best sun hats, make sure you visit our website.

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