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Is Wave Internet An Affordable Option For Students?

As a student, life already seems pretty tough with handling all your studies, part-time jobs, and your personal life. So, if we add other problems into the mix, it can be quite a disaster. However, sadly, there are times when you can’t avoid some problems and if anything, it causes more problems so much so that it becomes inevitable to fix them.

One such problem could be a poor internet connection. When you are first moving into a dorm or an apartment in a new city or state, it is already difficult enough to adjust to everything, and if you’re lucky, you will have a good roommate or a friendly neighbor to help you out. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and you have to fend for yourself. So, finding the right internet service provider amidst all the shifting is difficult.

How do you determine which ISP is good enough and affordable for you? As a student, you can’t really overspend or hold back on your internet plan. You will have to make a smart and calculative choice, one that allows you to save and enjoy a decent and reliable connection. In that case,Wave broadband internetis one of the options you should look into.


About Wave Internet

Wave Internet has been providing internet and entertainment for more than 15 years in the U.S. It serves 8 out of the top 10 metro markets in more than 10 states as Astound Broadband. Wave provides internet, TV, and phone solutions to homes and businesses across various states on the West Coast. Currently, Wave has served over 455,000 customers and the number keeps increasing.

With its wonderful and reliable services, Wave has managed to maintain a loyal customer base and at the same time, expand its footprint further via benefits and perks such as 24/7 customer care, 30-day money-back guarantee, no contracts, and more.

Wave serves mainly in California, Oregon, and Washington. Some of the areas and cities where you can find Wave services within these states are given below:

  • California
    • Alamo
    • Auburn
    • Burlingame
    • Colfax
    • Concord
    • Daly City
    • Dixon
    • Folsom
    • Granite Bay
    • Lafayette
  • Oregon
    • Aumsville
    • Boring
    • Canby
    • Florence
    • Lincoln City
    • Mollala
    • Newport
    • Oregon City
    • Rainer
    • Salem
  • Washington
    • Anacortes
    • Arlington
    • Belfair
    • Bellingham
    • Blaine
    • Bothel
    • Burlington
    • Bremerton
    • Camano Island
    • Carnation


Wave Internet Plans

Moving towards the internet plans, Wave offers three internet speed options or plans according to what you might need. The first plan High-Speed 100 offers 100 Mbps download speed and a data limit of 400 GB. This plan is the best for standard usage of the internet for connecting to work and school. With this speed, you can also enjoy streaming a TV show or two and some music. As for the number of people that can be accommodated with this speed, it is, at most, 4 users.

The second internet plan, High-Seed 250, offers an internet speed of up to 250 Mbps and a data limit of 500 GB. With this internet speed, a family of up to 5-6 people can enjoy gaming, streaming movies and music, sharing and downloading large files, and even video conferences. This package is much more suited for people who enjoy a little bit of heavy gaming every now and then, but not continuously.

The last plan, High-Speed Gig, is the fastest internet plan among all of Wave’s internet plans. With this plan, you can expect speeds of up to 1000 Mbps and an unlimited data limit. This plan is best suited for heavy usage of the internet like hardcore gaming, smart devices, working from home, video calls, conferences, and much more.

Below, we have compiled a table with all the details to make it easier for you to remember and check. We have also added the pricing column so that you can decide according to your budget.

Internet Plans Download Speed Data Allowance Pricing
High-Speed 100 Up to 100 Mbps

Speed availability depends on the area.

400 GB $29.95/mo.

For 12 months in select markets.

High-Speed 250 Up to 250 Mbps

Speed availability depends on the area.

500 GB $39.95/mo.

For 12 months in select markets.

Gig Speed Up to 1000 Mbps

Speed availability depends on the area.

Unlimited $69.95/mo.

For 12 months in select markets.



Is Wave Internet affordable for students?

So, the ultimate question: is Wave affordable for students? The answer is yes and no. The reason we say this is because Wave has three different internet plans and some plans are affordable, while others might not be. Let’s go into a bit more detail and assess these plans.

As a student, the chances that you will be living alone are almost equal to the chances that you will be living with a roommate or dorm mate. In both cases, the internet is a necessity and in the second case, it is more so, by your roommate as well. So, the first internet plan, High-Speed 100, is the most suitable plan. Not only is it the cheapest Wave plan, but it also happens to be perfect for 4 people at most. In this case, you and your roommate can enjoy a steady internet speed and split the bill amongst yourselves.

Even if you are living alone, you can still enjoy this plan at an affordable rate and at a good speed.

The second plan, High-Speed 250, is a good plan in itself, and if you are a student that also enjoys heavy gaming and streaming movies more often than not, this plan might be good for you. However, if you are subscribing to this plan by yourself, it is definitely on the expensive side for you separately. So, it would be better to go for this plan, if you have a roommate willing to share the cost as well.

The last plan is great, but for a student, roommate, or no roommate, it is expensive. If you do happen to get it, just know that you might be overspending on a plan you don’t really need. As we said before, it is a great plan by itself and for a big family, but since students mostly live by themselves or with one roommate, it is just out-of-bounds.


That answers your question, doesn’t it? Wave, or should we say, Astound Broadband, is a good option for students with two of its internet plans, although not all. We hope this blog cleared up any confusion surrounding Wave internet plans and their pricing, etc. We also hope that you have gotten your answer and now, the only thing left to do is pick up the phone and place a call to 1-844-343-1375 and subscribe to one of Wave’s internet plans.

If you have yet to know more about Wave internet plans or other services offered by this provider, you can go to and find the right information. You can also add in your ZIP code and directly find out if Wave serves in your area and which offers you can avail of. So, what are you waiting for?

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