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7 Trendy Box Styles for Vape Cartridge Packaging

Vape packaging has become a crucial need in great competition. To compete with rivals, every brand tends to have exemplary packaging solutions. This is because people consider the outlook of the product and connect it with the overall credibility of the product. For this purpose, vape cartridge packagingis a great help. You can show the audience your brand worth with just your product presentation.

Getting the right design is very crucial. You cannot withstand the competition if you are using lousy or dull packaging. In this facet, you do not have to worry as packaging companies offer a wide range of packaging designs for the users. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable design for your vape cartridge packaging boxes. Anyhow, the following designs are very much in demand and so you can get a packaging design of your choice.

Slider Sleeve Boxes

These boxes are also known as drawer or tray boxes. A slider box consists of two parts; a sliding lid and a container that are parallel to each other. An insert can be placed in the bottom that will keep the vape device intact in it. You may use cardboard or kraft material to get a simple yet sturdy packaging solution. However, if you are looking for high-end packaging design such as rigid boxes, you may use multiple layers of chipboard or paperboard material.

These boxes are manufactured in flat shape and therefore can be delivered easily. These boxes are very user-friendly and assist the consumers to keep the vape item safe in them. You can surely customize them with printing details and graphics so that potential customers will take interest in your product.

Tuck End Boxes

Tuck-end box style is one of the most common yet in-demand packaging designs. It has two types of die-cuts flaps on both the top and bottom sides. One type is a pair of two tucked wings or flaps and the other type is an enclosure flap that opens or closes. The box can be opened from both the top and bottom sides.

One type of these boxes is called tuck-end auto bottom boxes. It has a locked bottom that can be glued or can have tucked flaps that are locked together. And only the top side works as an enclosure.

You can use cardboard and kraft material to manufacture these boxes. They are highly durable and improve the shelf life of your vape items.

Boxes With Hang Tabs

These boxes bring much convenience to the retailers. The structure of the box might be similar to the tuck-end boxes however it has an additional feature of a hang tab. These boxes can be hung on the hooks of the floor displays or shelves. And so, these boxes do not take much space. Most brands use window-patch in these boxes so that the customer will get a closer look at the product. In other words, you can include a sneak peek feature in these boxes.

These boxes are also known for their cost-effectiveness as they are made of light cardboard material. You may also use raw kraft boxes. You can fully customize these boxes such as you can include different inserts to improve the presentation.

Hinged Lid Boxes

The structure of these boxes is like a book and therefore they are also known as book boxes. In these boxes, there is one enclosure flap and a lid that gives full coverage to the box. This style is mostly used for rigid boxes and they have a magnetic enclosure that makes the design very user-friendly.

Like other boxes, they are also made of cardstock and kraft materials. However, for rigid boxes, chipboard material is mostly used. These vape cartridge packaging boxes are robust and have a long lifespan due to which consumers can keep them for a considerable period. To enchant the audience, you can easily give different view prints to the details such as embossing for a 3D view print.

Telescopic Boxes

These boxes have a separate lid and container. A shoe box is a perfect example of a telescopic box. The lid covers a certain area on the sides of the container. However, you can decide how much part of the container you want to be covered. In this regard, telescopic boxes are divided into three main types:

  • Half telescopic boxes
  • Full telescopic boxes
  • Partial or one-inch telescopic boxes (a shoe box)

Considering the size of your vape item, you can get an accurate size box. As they are made of cardboard material, you can easily print them by using a suitable printing method such as offset or flexography. You may improve the unboxing by using different inserts in these boxes.

Slotted Boxes

These boxes are another type of commonly used packaging design. The enclosure of these boxes is glued or taped. Cardboard and kraft materials are used for the manufacturing of these boxes. They are manufactured in flat shape and are lightweight. You can save a lot on your shipping cost. Anyhow, you may use inserts in these boxes to make them user-friendly. In this way, the customer could easily slide the product by pulling the insert out of the box. You can print these boxes with unique graphics and colours.

Display Boxes

Display boxes are used everywhere in the retail market. Corrugated fibre or chipboard material is generally used in the manufacturing of heavy displays such as floor displays, end caps, power wings, and countertop boxes. However, for retail shelves, you may use panel boxes that are made of kraft or simple cardstock material.

These boxes help you ensure your product presence in the place. Also, you can seamlessly raise your product’s perceived value with them. These boxes provide a large space to include graphics and details so that they can reach the eyes of potential customers. In this way, these boxes are a perfect marketing tool for brands.


A vape cartridge packaging boxcan improve your brand image if and only if you design it smartly. You have multiple options of designs so you can get the desired style boxes. The right packaging design will eventually prosper your brand name.

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