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Drop of deliciousness: 7 top food pairings with whisky

Whisky connoisseurs and occasional sippers across the world debate an age-old question: does the pure pair well with food? In older times, the thought of pairing this classic spirit with something scrumptious to eat was sacrilegious, but today the idea is gaining rapid popularity.

And, really, why not? If it tastes good then why should one adhere to an antiquated tradition? You’ll only be denying yourself the pleasure of a great food pairing!

So, with this in mind, head straight for the best whisky range Australia has available, grab a bottle of the good stuff, and pair it with these taste-tantalising delights:

⦁ Steak

Well this is just an absolute classic. Steaks are absolutely perfect for medium bodied rich drops, whilst rich, deep and smoky varieties go well with beef. You might have to do a little experimenting with your favourite label to get the perfect steak combination, but you should be able to come across one that makes the perfect, rich flavour profile.

⦁ Dark chocolate

Even staunch traditionalists could agree on this: chocolate and whisky taste pretty amazing together. But you shouldn’t go for any old Mars or Twix bar, instead opting for a good quality dark chocolate that will really amplify the chocolate and spirit’s flavour. You can also experiment with orange-flavoured dark chocolate, as well as milk chocolates with a little chilli or ginger as this goes well with a nice rye – either way you’re in for a pretty delightful, chocolatey treat!

⦁ Cheese

Cheese and the pure have many things in common. Both come with many different flavours and – when done right – are aged to perfection. This is why cheese pairs so wonderfully with whisky. It’s always good to go with a nice aged cheddar for drops with a smoky flavour. For spicier spirits, go with a strong blue cheese, as this will really pack a flavour bomb that is as delightful as it intense. For fragrant drops, try a soft brie or goats cheese as these also provide a fabulous flavour profile.

⦁ Nuts & dried fruit

This combination is always a winner, but be careful with how you go about pairing this combo – it can go awry super fast. Bearing in mind what flavours compliment one another, try and go with sweeter nuts for strong peaty spirits, bitter nuts for sweeter varieties and smoky flavoured varieties go well with heavily roasted nuts.

⦁ Meatloaf

Oh meatloaf, such an antiquated, strange recipe, especially for us Australians, but hey, it goes well with the pure, as the full-bodied flavour of a high alcohol content drop goes perfectly with this funny old meal that your grandma probably made for you on special occasions. A nice strong variety is perfect for this rich, fatty meal.

⦁ Smoked salmon

Drops with a high rye content are perfect for smoked salmon, especially when it’s a bourbon with a spicy fruity flavour profile. The salmon’s smoky flavour works wonderfully with the spicy fruitiness and it’s just a joy, really.

⦁ Apple crumble

Ahh, this classic Aussie dessert is simply beautiful with light fragrant whiskies and especially with American bourbons but also Australian made varieties. Give a try, we guarantee you’ll find this to be a pretty gorgeous post romantic dinner beverage combination…

There you have it, the perfect food pairings with this most hallowed of beverages. If you’ve long considered yourself an aficionado, and one who wouldn’t dream of eating with this standalone beverage, you might surprise yourself with just how delectable it can all be!

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