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10 Amazing Hacks for Free Online Invitation Makers

Invitations, formal or informal, are often prerequisites for most events – be it a birthday, wedding, or even a small reunion of college friends. And most of the invitation-making today is happening online. The primary reason behind the rising popularity of online invitation making is perhaps due to ease of access, cost-effectiveness, and simply, more creative freedom. Of course, certain formal events still involve the use of tangible invitations delivered by post. However, their numbers are dwindling. 

Let us take the example of India – 5 to 10 years ago, all wedding invitations would be printed and delivered to houses personally. However, today, a lot of couples have embraced online invitations. These days, you might see a lot of people sending you their wedding invites on WhatsApp or even Instagram. With online invitations being friendlier to the environment and easy to make, it’s evident that their popularity is likely to increase even further.

Of course, to create your invitations online free, you’d need a system and a little know-how about designs and colors. In the end, adding the aesthetics to your invitation is something you’ll have to do yourself, Learn More About: german proxy.

How to make Invitations Online?

There are tons of free websites like InVideo that you can use to create online invitation. On many of these websites, you can also find a separate section for invitation-making. You can go for a premium subscription to unlock more features. However, most free websites have decent features in the free version as well. Choose a template, fill in the details, and save the invitation as per your preferred format. In the end, you can even print the invitations you make online. But it isn’t a requisite.

10 Amazing Hacks for Free Online Invitation Makers

For any new designers or people who are making invitations for the first time, here are some useful tips that you might want to keep in mind:

1: Prioritize the Copy

It’s a common mistake to disregard the content written on an invitation and focus completely on the design. The design is there to reel in the viewer. In other words, it grabs the attention and retains it. But in the end, that attention is directed towards the words penned on the invitation. Ensure that the words are carefully chosen and in accordance with the invitation. For instance, you might not want to use very informal language (slangs) in a wedding invitation. On the other hand, an informal invitation sent to a bunch of college friends can have some phrases on it that are not exactly politically correct and formal. In the end, it all depends upon the kind of invitation you are sending, who you are sending it to, and n number of other factors. Be as creative as possible with the words, as they’ll have the potential to be imprinted in your reader’s minds.

2: Playing with Colors

One of the most important parts of designing any graphic, be it an invitation, is choosing the color palette. The colors you use in your online invitation should go with each other. It’s a good idea to have a look at the diagram of complementary colors (especially if you are new to graphic design). For instance, red goes really well with shades of green. Red also looks iconic with yellow (if you don’t believe it, just take a look at the thematic design of Jurassic Park 1). You can also pair up yellow with purple. In the end, it will boil down to your subjective taste and aesthetic preferences. But if you’re unsure about what colors to pick, mess around with an invitation-making website and keep in mind the wheel of complementary colors. It’s a great hack that even sports teams use while designing their logos.

3: Using Appropriate Fonts

To create your own invitation in its truest sense, you should customize every last detail of it – even the fonts. To understand how subtle yet significant improvements fonts can make to a design, just take a look at the business card comparison scene from the movie “American Psycho”. For corporate invitations, it’s best to use Sans Serif. If you’re in academia, Times New Roman might be the best pick. For informal invitations, you can mess around a bit and find something fancy. Chiller is one font that works wonders for Halloween invitations, and it’s free too! For aesthetics, ensure that your font isn’t too bland and has some sense of elegance or creativity.

4: Include Photos

Another great hack to make your online invitations stand out is using photos in them. To be fair, photos in invitations are a common occurrence. However, it is not the inclusion of photos that sets apart invitations from the rest, but it’s the kind of photos you use in them. A very basic example of using photos in a wedding anniversary party invite would be to use the photos of the concerned couple. On the other hand, you can go full-on creative and use an edited photo of the couple with effects, filters, and doodles. You can also inject the element of humor in the invitation by using funny photos of the couple. The creative potential is immense when it comes to including photos in invitations.

5: Gifs? Video Invitations?

If you’re open to the idea of including photos in your online invitation, why stop there? As the mode of the invitation is digital, you can use animated Gifs or even videos in the invitation. For instance, if you’re sending out invitations via mail, you can create a video invitation. All you need for that is a decent video editing tool. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time editing videos for the invitation, there are ample video templates for invitations to be chosen from.

6: Avoid Watermarks at all Costs

If there’s anything that puts the viewer off while looking at any form of media, it’s watermarked. They offset any aesthetic flavors and are, in all honesty, a nuisance. That is why you should always choose a template that’s free. Otherwise, you might spend a lot of time designing a paid template, and then you’ll be stuck with a watermark on your precious online invitation. Of course, there is software out there that can remove watermarks. However, that can be a time-consuming process.

7: Browse Existing Styles

It’s often a good idea to take a look at existing templates and styles that a website offers. If you’re running short on time, it might do you good to select an existing template to work on. Make appropriate changes fill in the details, and you’ll be good to go.

8: Alignment

This is perhaps one of the most common hacks to make your invitation look decent. A lot of people do not pay attention to the dotted lines that help with aligning text as well as other elements on the canvas. Elements that are aligned perfectly often look aesthetically pleasing. Central alignment for Title Text and major elements is another good practice that you can inculcate in your graphic designing.

9: Use Symbols

On invitations, the space for text is less, and it can be quite challenging to say all you want to say without making it look cramped. Thus, it’s better that you utilize symbols wherever you can. For instance, if you must use “and”, a better alternative could be the symbol ‘&’.

10: Add Personal Touch!

In the end, your invitations should not look robotic and bland. Add some personal touches if you can. For instance, you can use an inside joke in the invitation (in informal invitations). On the other hand, you might want to write the copy in your own style. Make use of words and phrases that sound like YOU.

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