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5 Must-Have Home Features for a Low Maintenance Lifestyle

Every homeowner dreams of living in a home that looks and feels glamorous. However, people are sometimes so concerned with aesthetics that they fail to consider how their home design will affect their lifestyle.

Keeping a property in excellent shape takes much effort. The more sophisticated and complex a home, the more difficult it is to maintain. Duties such as regular cleaning and repair, roof inspections, painting, and gardening are just a few that consume a lot of your time. 

If you want to spend less time mending, cleaning, or performing other tiresome household tasks and spend more time enjoying your space and relaxing, designing a low-maintenance home can help. But how can you achieve this without losing your sense of style? Below, we have listed five must-have features for a low-maintenance lifestyle.

Plant a Low Maintenance Garden

Consider yourself a lucky homeowner if you have a garden or a backyard! However, gardening can be both a blessing and a curse, especially if you have a vast outdoor area. You can imagine building a green paradise, but be careful not to overestimate your gardening abilities and underestimate the effort required to maintain a well-kept garden.

In this case, we recommend avoiding grand landscape plans with many plants filling every area of your yard. Make sure to plant only as much greenery as you believe you can keep alive with minimal care and choose robust species. 

Purchase Low Maintenance Furniture

Furniture pieces serve an essential part of a home, both functionally and aesthetically. Furniture selections are nearly limitless these days, with various sizes, shapes, designs, and styles to pick from. As a result, you may have difficulty selecting the appropriate pieces for your home.

However, if you want more peace of mind, we recommend purchasing low-maintenance furniture such as headboard-less beds (fewer surfaces to wipe), an easy-clean sofa, or darker furniture. This can drastically reduce your time to devote to cleaning while increasing your relaxing time.

Install a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.

One of the most important features every low-maintenance home should have is a reverse osmosis water filter. A reverse osmosis water system uses a prefilter to eliminate sediment and chlorine from the water before pushing it through a semipermeable membrane to remove dissolved solids. After leaving the RO (reverse osmosis) membrane, the water travels through a postfilter to polish it before entering a dedicated faucet. 

An RO water filter removes 98% of dissolved solids, making drinking water safer. Such a water filter system will save you time and money purchasing bottled water and transform your way of life.

Get Hardwood Flooring Over Carpets

Carpets may give warmth and comfort throughout the home, and for many, they are an important interior design element. You can also find good carpets at moderate prices, so they do not require a considerable investment. On the other hand, carpets are a breeding ground for dust, grime, and bacteria and are extremely hard to clean, especially if you have children or pets running around the house all day.

Hardwood floors are the preferable option. They may be more expensive, but they will last a lifetime, and all you need to do to keep them clean is to vacuum and mop them regularly. They will need refinishing, but that will only be necessary every ten years or so. Furthermore, hardwood floors can look just as good as carpets, if not better, because they are timeless and can complement any design style.

Go for Practical Storage

In many houses, there seems to be never enough space to hold all your valuables, no matter how big your space is. This happens because most homeowners do not use the proper storage solutions and struggle to maintain their areas tidy and organized. Needless to say, constantly dealing with clutter may quickly become annoying and turn into a time-consuming household task.

For more innovative storage options, make sure to purchase multipurpose furniture, select bespoke built-in shelving, construct storage into the walls, utilize beneath the bed space, and so on. These solutions can assist you in making the most of every inch in every area, cleaning up space, and making your home appear much larger than it is.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, creating a low-maintenance lifestyle can be difficult but not impossible. Using the tips provided above, you can manage to create a low-maintenance space and spend more time doing things you enjoy!

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