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arena of valor how to quickly get gold coins

Presumably, players will not dislike their own gold coins, so today the website has brought some methods for players to get massive gold coins. Not only can they use gold coins to buy characters, but they can also draw lottery tickets. I want to know arena of valor how to quickly get gold coins then keep checking it out !


1. Login gift

After entering arena of valor, you will find that there are a lot of login rewards to collect. In addition to receiving rewards such as gold coins every day, the in-game login interface also has activities to do tasks. Generally, you can get the corresponding gold coins after completing the tasks. The disadvantage is that the number of times that you can receive gold coins through tasks is fixed every day. After completing all tasks to receive gold coins, you can only wait for the next day’s tasks and login gifts.



2. Welfare for newcomers


Whenever a player registers for the game and goes online, they can receive free sign-in benefits. The items that can be received by logging in every day are different, including gold coins and heroes and other benefits, so you can enjoy them without spending money. To countless benefits, you can also get the skins that the system gives to players for free when you log in on the last day. You only need to go online once a day to receive them.


3. Friends give each other


Giving gifts to friends is also one of the solutions to the arena of valor how to quickly get gold coins . You only need to go online and click the gold coins on the right side of the game friends and contacts to give them. The gold coins you receive can generally be claimed directly in the mail. And when you receive it, you will automatically give back gold coins to your friends. You can receive gold coins from multiple friends every day. This is generally the favorite way for lazy players .


4. Achievement system


There is an achievement system in the game, and each different achievement will be divided into different levels. Each time players achieve an achievement, they can get corresponding rewards, usually gold coins and gems. The higher the achievement level, the higher the reward. The benefits will be more abundant, and unlocking advanced achievements takes a long time to accumulate, but once you have achievements, you can get rich gold coins.



5. Stay active


You can also get gold coins by staying active in the arena of valor game. As long as the players’ activity reaches a certain value, they can get treasure chest rewards. Open the treasure chest to receive gold coins and other benefits. The higher the activity level, the more players can get. There will also be more rewards, so after the game is launched every day, everyone can get more gold coins by playing more games.


6. Participate in the game


Every time you participate in the game, you can get gold coins after the settlement. If you use the double gold coin card, you can get more gold coins, but after the players lose the game, they will get less gold coins than they will win, so In order to avoid this situation, you can invite your friends to team up to play the game, which can not only increase the cooperation of the game, but also have the opportunity to unlock additional achievements. Players may wish to give it a try.





To sum up, you only need to choose the right way to get gold coins, no matter what way, as long as you don’t have to worry about arena of valor how to quickly get gold coins , as long as players play the game enough times Even if you don’t follow the guidelines recommended by this website, you can get a lot of gold coins of your own.

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