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Benefits of Living Healthy and Rising Early in Student Life

Today students are living a very hectic life in order to achieve success in their academic life. For this purpose, they study day and night and search for the knowledgeable resources 24×7 in order to attain knowledge as much as they can. Though students are having help from modern tools like LMS and ERP in their learning, along with this to maintain a healthy living, a very important part is to have a sound sleep so that body and mind can recharge themselves as much as they need to function properly. And for this purpose, a student or a normal person needs to complete a sound sleep of 6-8 hours. Everyone needs to exercise in the morning while breathing fresh air which can provide proper oxygen to every part of the body. Also, as students have so many responsibilities along with their academics their whole life style becomes sometimes a mess hence students need to meet their family doctors A student can attain a healthy living only when he or she is happy and best way to achieve happiness is to spent time with dear ones, with close family relatives and with those how contain special place in heart. 

In today’s hectic lifestyle almost everybody stays awake late in the night and goes to bed late also, hence, since everyone has incomplete sleep, no one likes it to disturb his or her heavenly sleep in the morning. But all of the above is also true that early rising is very beneficial for health and mind, just like tools such as ERP and LMS are helpful to school management. Anyone accepts it or not, it is also true that one can complete many tasks in the morning as it seems there is so much time in the morning. Anyways, the experience of waking up early in the morning around 5 am is just awesome when there is no clear sun, just there is an aura of sun in the sky, clean air to breathe, cool morning breezes, chirping birds everywhere and people walking and strolling here and there. It seems like heaven has come to earth. This experience makes every morning so awesome that despite so much laziness so many people including me get up early in the morning and enjoy all the above stated surroundings. 

If we talk about students then rising early in the morning has been called boon to the students in many aspects. Let’s understand the benefits of early rising for the students:

  • It is biologically proven that the students who rise early in the morning score higher marks as compared to those who go to bed late in night and rise late in the morning. The most relevant reason regarding this is the students who wake up early in the morning, they organize their things and complete most of their tasks in the morning and due to this they don’t have to stay up so late at night. 
  • People who wake up early in the morning have a more positive attitude than those who stay up late. This is so because night owls go to bed late and being compelled, they cannot sleep more than 4-5 hours hence, they stay irritated, unorganized and perky whole whereas early risers enjoy the quiet time of morning and complete many tasks in the morning shifts and hence, they enjoy complete 8 hours of complete sound sleep which is healthy for body and mind.
  • In the morning as it is very quiet, it is said that whatever a student reads, he or she memorizes it easily and that too for a long span of time. Hence, mostly students, especially those who work part time also complete some of their lectures in the morning during live classes in online learning. In morning live classes there are usually less students which give more chances to ask about doubts and get their solutions.
  • Those who go to bed early get a complete sleep of 8 hours due to which their mind, muscles, blood pressure, body temperature and whole body stays relaxed due to which the whole body stays energetic being charged with complete sleep. Biologically this benefits the body a lot as blood supply reaches everybody’s part which brings oxygen to the whole body. This gives a boost to the immune system and bone and cellular growth becomes faster. Body gets proper growth also as growth hormones are released in the body properly.


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