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Don’t Shy Away From Adding Personal Touches in Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels regardless of the reasons behind them, all have an element of personality to them. There are personal changes we would all like to make to our kitchen and there is no better chance than in a remodel. To that end, it is best to ensure that you leave a personal touch on every kitchen remodel. Here are some of the best personal touches you can add to your kitchen remodel:

Personal Photos

It doesn’t get more personal than family photos, and there are sure to be some lying around somewhere. As part of the finishing touches to your remodel, you can add in some family photos or some of yourself. If you happen to have a lot of pictures to hang up, it can feel like your family is always close by. It doesn’t have to be the most impressive picture, so long as it is of your or someone you love, your kitchen will surely feel personal.

Wall Art

In keeping with the theme of putting up pictures in the kitchen, you can also opt for wall art. If you don’t want to feel too emotional or simply want something less inconspicuous on display, then wall art is the way to go. Whether it’s a landscape or abstract art, it is sure to be a great addition to your kitchen as long as you like it. One added bonus is that wall art is an excellent conversation starter and will surely captivate your guests. If you happen to eat your meals in the kitchen, it will surely make for an interesting attraction during meals. 

Repaint The Kitchen

As part of your remodel, there are sure to be a lot of changes to the current appearance of the kitchen and paint is likely going to be one of them. There is the option of sticking with your existing paint color and doubling down, but a change could be a great idea. Be sure to pick out a new color that you love, something Alternatively, you can opt for custom wallpaper in the kitchen if painting is too stressful or if you want something other than a plain wall. different to help make it feel personal especially if the old paint color wasn’t your choice.


Accessories have a way of adding a personal touch to any room in the house and the kitchen is no exception. Be sure to add as many of your personal accessories to the house as possible. From decorative to functional, there are sure to be a lot of accessories available. You will have to ensure that the accessories you add are in keeping with the kitchen design or you will end up ruining the entire remodel. With the right use of accessories, you may find that you may not have much to do by way of remodeling.

Creative Storage Options

One of the biggest problems people have with their kitchens is usually the lack of adequate storage space. No matter how much space is available, it never seems to be enough, especially if the current storage equipment is going bad. You can always start with kitchen cabinet remodeling and move on to the rest of the kitchen remodeling from there. You can also try to make use of space or create additional space with creative storage solutions. Open shelving, storage bins, and offsite storage are a few options you can explore. 

Change Some Equipment

The equipment in the kitchen is what ultimately gives it the final feel or personality, and you can always change as much as you like. To start small, cutleries are a great way to make slight changes to the kitchen and still give it a personal touch. You can then move on to other silverware options, and then china if you still want to make it feel personal. The more changes you make to the kitchen, the more personal it feels until you are as comfortable in your kitchen as you desire.


Personal changes are a great way to settle into a home after a remodel or a move. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and you will want to feel as comfortable as possible in there. With a few personal touches, you can have your kitchen feeling like home after a remodel.

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