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You Want Effective App Development: Here’s Why React Native Is the Best Choice

React Native uses JavaScript as the core programming language, which was made by Facebook as an open-source framework. This framework can improve cross-platform app performance and reduce development time significantly.

Regarding Android apps, a developer has to program the mobile app with Java, while for iOS apps, they need to use Swift/Objective C. 

On the other hand, React Native provides the advantage of avoiding these aspects and allows the developers to create functional apps on both iOS and Android platforms faster by using one code base.

The one code base strategy helps deploy apps on both platforms, so you don’t have to hire two different developer teams to work on two different code bases. However, you still need to find React Native developers for hire with experience and high-quality skills to get the job done.

Before you do so, let’s see why React Native is the best choice.

Cross-Platform Advantage

As mentioned before, the one code base strategy is one of the crucial advantages of the React Native framework. Because of it, cross-platform applications provide the same level of excellent performance as native applications. 

Furthermore, React Native uses native APIs and a native UI library because it has React JS. The goal, of course, is to write the base code of one app that can run on both platforms, Android and iOS. In addition, when it comes to Flutter vs React Native, React is usually the preferable choice since it uses JavaScript, while Flutter uses Dart. 

For a web application that has React JS, the developer will have the advantage of reusing the component logic, state management, and React hooks to deliver a much better mobile app with all its native functions. This advantage makes the development time faster and will help your developer keep the development cost lower.

The faster development means launching the application much faster and staying ahead of the competition. In addition, with the one code base strategy, you don’t need to hire separate developers for Android and iOS devices app development.

Already Known Programming Language

Yet another vital advantage of using React Native is that developing an application is easier since the developers don’t have to learn a new programming language and coding syntax since most experienced ones already know JavaScript. Therefore, it’s much easier to hire React Native developers via a global talent network who are ready to work right away. 

Furthermore, even if they don’t have a lot of experience, React Native is easy to learn if your potential employee has knowledge of React or JavaScript; hence why it’s important to address their understanding of this aspect. 

However, the essential thing is whether they know which mobile components correspond with which web ones. That’s like comparing React vs React Native; they simply have different purposes. The first one is an open-source JS library for making the UIs for web apps, while the second one is for building rich mobile UI from declarative components with JavaScript.

Pre-Built Components and Reusable Code

React Native is compatible with using the write once run everywhere principle; therefore, the developer can reuse the written code for both Android and iOS applications because of the concept of the previously mentioned cross-platform mobile application development. 

This aspect is a massive relief for your future React Native developers since it adds convenience.


Because they don’t have to make separate designs for various platforms, and if a business has an existing web application, it can use most of its code to create a mobile application.

Worldwide Community Support

As an employer, it’s logical for you to ask yourself what would happen if your React Native developer gets stuck at a particular challenge and there seems to be insufficient time to solve the issue.

Don’t worry since React Native has excellent worldwide community support. 

What does this mean?

It means that aside from all the cross-platforms, there’s also a fantastic React Native community where developers can get help from other experts, developers, and other people from the React Native world who are ready to offer a solution or help when help is necessary. 

Therefore, if there is an issue that seems unsolvable, there’s no need to panic; the online community is here to help.

It Builds High-Quality and Stable Applications

Last on the list but equally essential is the fact that React Native uses a simplified binding strategy for the codebase. 

That’s why when your React Native developer has to change one object, they also have to modify the state it is in before they can apply the updates. This aspect is actually an advantage since it will help your developers to make a more stable app than what would be the case with other cross-platform development styles. 

It’s more than evident that React Native is an excellent option for building new mobile applications, from zero to hero. Moreover, it also works in a great way for adding a user flow or a single view to already existing native apps. With only a few steps, the developer can include various React Native features and other components. 

In addition, React Native also helps developers deliver high-quality performing applications since, instead of Webview, it uses native APIs for rendering code.

To Sum It All Up

React Native is still at the top of the development game and will continue to be in the near and far future. With its cross-platform advantage, pre-built components, and reusable code, it makes the developer’s job much easier and manageable. 

In addition, developers don’t have to learn a new programming language in most cases, and they can build high-quality, stable apps with the help of the React Native community worldwide. 

So, the only thing remaining for you to do is to address a global talent network where you can find ready-to-work React Native developers and hire them immediately. They have the knowledge and experience, so they are just waiting for you to approach them as soon as possible!

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