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A perfect substitute for sunglasses

Do you know there are a few people who actually prefer to not wear sunglasses? Yes, that is absolutely right, a few have issues when it comes to wearing sunglasses and are constantly looking for some alternative that suits them best instead of using the sunglasses.

Substitutes to sunglasses 

For one those who are actually looking for an effective alternative to sunglasses, we have got you covered. There are a few companies that offer such services when it comes to providing protective coatings other than using sunglasses. One such eyewear brand is Spescart, along with its unmatched style and the protective lens coating that they offer. 

Here are a few things that one could absolutely follow when it comes to finding an alternative for sunglasses. 

Anti-glare glasses

While enjoying your day out in the sun, the one thing that absolutely gets in the way is the issue of glare. Usually when it comes to using sunglasses, one switches to the polarised coating. The polarised coating on the sunglasses online helps to prevent the glare from hitting the eye. The glare is caused when a sharp light hits on the smooth and shiny surface causing the light to reflect and cause glare. Now the thing is that the glare is only caused by the horizontal rays. So these polarised and anti-glare coating helps in blocking these UV rays and let the rest of the light pass through the lens. Preventing the eyes from any unwanted glare hitting them. Now you can enjoy your day out in the water fishing or skating on the ice. 

Anti-UV glasses 

Another issue that is widely concerning when it comes to the protection of the eyes is UV rays. One usually tends to protect the skin from the harsh effects of the UV rays by covering their skin with a cloth or by applying sunscreen packed with SPF in order to prevent the harmful effects of the UV rays. 

Same way as your skin needs protection, your eyes require the same coverage against the effects of UV rays. In such a situation, one is required to cover their eyes in such a way that these UV rays do not enter the eyes. An SPF protection for the eyes, and what could be better than sunglasses? These sunglasses are specialised in preventing future harm such as early cataracts or chances of corneal damage. 

Transition lenses

Do you fancy a magic trick? There is no better way than actually having the best of the experience when it comes to quitting sunglasses. These are just like any other regular prescription glasses when indoors and as soon as one steps out in the sun that is exactly where the magic happens. 

As one steps out in the sun, these glasses get covered in this dark tint making them look just like sunglasses. These lenses react as per the intensity of the sunlight falling right in them. They are especially known as photochromic or light-sensitive glasses. The more sunlight darker the tint and vice versa, that is exactly how these lenses adjust as per the light falling right on them. This also in a way helps in preventing UV rays from damaging the eyes. 

Tinted glasses

Another smart way to tackle the issue of sunglasses is that one can get hold of their tints. For a few, sunglasses might seem to be a little darker tint making it quite difficult for them to see. In such a situation, one can opt for getting, tint added to their regular glasses and a protective coating that will prevent UV rays as well. This light tint will help them in seeing without putting much pressure on the eye. So, now you definitely want to buy tinted glasses

Styles of glasses as an alternative to sunglasses 

As you are now actively looking for that one perfect pair of glasses that would match your alternate need of glasses. Here are a few styles that you would definitely want to look into when it comes to stylish glasses:

Aviator sunglasses: One of the earliest styles that never fails to include in style in every trend. That is exactly what these pretty bold glasses are right in for. Apart from that, these are considered to be the denim of the glasses world, so they are super easy to be paired in with styles quite easily. 

Cat-eye glasses: The feline picks and the glamorous styles that never fail to charm its way out. The upsweeps are exactly what have their way out of all, so make sure to have them. 

Round sunglasses: Best for the angular face shape, round sunnies are perfect to provide the much-required balance for the same. The classic style of all time, there is no way that you will be losing right on them for a perfect way to have a sunny day date.  

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