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Is USPS Text Message With Tracking Number US9514901185421 Scam Or Genuine?

Beware of rip-off textual content messages withinside the call of USPS with monitoring quantity US9514901185421 as underneath from numbers like (646) 309-2829, (347) 966-0970, etc.

“US Postal – WARNING: The delivery cope with is undeliverable, please replace your cope with statistics promptly. https ://ups-dvmok .us”

“Postal reminder: Your package deal is prepared for shipping. Please affirm your shipping cope with. https: //www .usp-djgf .us”

“Tracking #9514901185421 Delivery Delay Update Address Immediately http :// deliverychanger .app .hyperlink/ SMS CODE 619****”

“Your Package US9514901185421 Is Stopped at our Post – Dear customer, USA Post informs you that your cargo US9514901185421 continues to be anticipating your commands. It might be added as quickly because the prices are paid. Fees to be paid: USD 1.99 $ http ://rkpolin .com/USPS/ US9514901185421/”

“Your cargo is on hold – Dear Customer, We tell you that your cargo N° US9514901185421 continues to be anticipating commands from you. 

To deliver your package deal as quickly as possible, clearly click on the button underneath to replace your shipping cope with statistics and pay the brand new delivery prices (3.00USD). 

.life/wp-admin/maint/package deal/ ©2022 © USPS International GmbH. AI rights reserved.”

You may also get comparable forms of such rip-off textual content messages in numerous forms. So, you could assist us via way of means of reporting comparable types of scams underneath withinside the remark section. If you’re worried together along with your privacy, then you could remark underneath with out filing your electronic mail cope with.

Beware of Fraudulent USPS Text Messages with monitoring quantity us9514901185421

What is the reason in the back of those fraudulent textual content messages?

These fraud messages aren’t from any authentic agencies, however are from scammers to get your non-public statistics so that you can rip-off you. They may also ask you to click on a few hyperlink and post the non-public info at the faux internet site posing the actual ones or name them or message/respond to them in which they’ll trick you to post your non-public info. So, you need to now no longer comply with any commands furnished in those types of messages or click on any hyperlink or down load anything (if furnished any). The hyperlinks or documents furnished in those messages can also incorporate a few viruses or malware or adware which can hack your tool as well.

So, in case you get burdened approximately the legitimacy of the messages which you obtained, then it’s higher you touch or test at the legitimate internet site of the respective organization (in this example you could touch USPS) to affirm both the messages you obtained are actual or faux ones.

Once those cybercriminals get your non-public statistics, they make cash via way of means of promoting the ones info. If they get your credit score card statistics, even they are able to thieve cash out of your credit score card.

These messages won’t come withinside the call of the identical organization or withinside the identical format. These scammers may also use more than one numbers, emails, and the call of agencies to ship diverse types of rip-off messages. A few examples of different rip-off messages are:

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