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Control key

Abbreviated “Ctrl” or “Ctl.” A modifier key this is pressed with a letter or digit key to command the computer. The caret image is a not unusualplace image for Control; for example, ^Y method Ctrl-Y.

In maximum Windows applications, maintaining down Control and urgent the left or proper Arrow key movements the cursor to the preceding or subsequent word. Likewise, Ctrl-B, Ctrl-I and Ctrl-U flip bold, italic and underline on and off. The Mac makes use of  modifier keys; for example, Option/Arrow movements the cursor, even as Command-B, I and U toggle bold, italic and underline. Control is used to edit Mac and Unix command lines; for example, Ctrl-L clears the screen. See Command key.

Control vs. Caps Lock

On the unique IBM PC in 1981, the Control key become located left of the A key. In 1985, IBM swapped the region of the regularly used Control key with the hardly ever used Caps Lock key, making keyboarding greater cumbersome, mainly for contact typists. Like sheep, all keyboard producers accompanied suit. Fortunately, the Control key may be restored to its former region the usage of Registry hacks, custom keyboard manipulate panels or programmable keyboards. See Alt key and PC keyboard.

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