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Fire Stick Home Currently Unavailable(10 Quick Solutions)

While Amazon has an brilliant recognition for growing reliable tech merchandise, even Amazon merchandise are liable to malfunctioning from time to time. A not unusualplace problem with the Amazon Fire TV Stick is getting caught on a “domestic is presently unavailable” display in preference to streaming. Thankfully, there are some methods to restoration this problem.

What to do whilst Fire Stick says domestic presently unavailable? Check your WiFi and Network connection. Reset your router if necessary. Move your router in the direction of the tool. Restart your Fire Stick. Try the usage of those three techniques:

Press Select and Play/Pause on the equal time at the far off manage for 10 seconds.

Restart the tool from the menu. Select Settings>My Fire TV>Restart.

Unplug your Fire Stick from the wall, watch for 60 seconds, plug it returned in.

Keep studying to study extra approximately the exceptional techniques for solving this problem together along with your Amazon Fire TV Stick. This article may also cowl a few hints and often requested questions. Check out the listing of the fine streaming gadgets on Amazon now!

Methods for Fixing the Home Is Currently Unavailable Display 

This problem is commonly smooth to restoration, even though it is able to take some time to determine out what desires to be reset or disconnected. Most humans have determined that the equal answer works if this trouble takes place again, so hopefully, the sort of techniques will prevent time withinside the future.

What To Do When Fire Stick Home Is Currently Unavailable?

  1. Do a Basic Reset

A simple reset on your Amazon Fire TV Stick is the only technique to a domestic is presently unavailable display glitch. There are three methods to do that.


Press the middle and play buttons on the equal time, and maintain them down for approximately 5 seconds till the Amazon Fire TV Stick restarts.

Restart the tool from the menu if you could get to it. Select Settings>My Fire TV>Restart.

Unplug your Fire Stick from the wall, watch for 60 seconds, plug it returned in.

Tips: The middle button is the large, round button at the far off that has no symbols. You will understand the Fire Stick has restarted whilst the display is going darkish after which the emblem pops up. Try the usage of exceptional techniques of restarting indexed right here. 

You may want to restart some times.

  1. Reset All Connections

If resetting the Fire Stick does now no longer paintings, your subsequent fine guess is to reset the opposite objects with a connection to the Fire Stick.


  • Unplug your Fire Stick from the HDMI port and do away with the USB cable.
  • Turn the TV off, unplug it from the wall.
  • Wait for approximately five minutes.
  • Plug the whole thing returned in.
  • Follow the standard optimization process.

3 . Check your Network Settings

If all of the resetting alternatives did now no longer paintings for you, the following step is to test your Network and spot if it desires any alterations.

  • Go to Network Settings.
  • Go to See all Networks.
  • Scroll all of the manner down and click on Rescan.
  • Do a sparkling rescan of all of the wi-fi networks.
  • You have to be capable of see your tool withinside the listing.
  • Connect to it.


You want to make certain your safety kind is about to WPA 2 PSK, that is the proper safety kind for the Fire Stick and your router to paintings normally.

  1. Forget the Network

Now that we’ve accomplished a sparkling test of all of the to be had networks, the following step is to attempt to neglect about your WiFi community altogether and reestablish the relationship. If you click on to your community and it connects you proper away with out inquiring for a password, observe those steps:

Use the Fire Stick far off to navigate to the Settings menu.

Select the Network option.

Locate your community and press the Menu button (three bars button) for extra alternatives.

Choose the choice to neglect about the community and verify your preference with the aid of using urgent the Select button.

Reestablish the relationship with the aid of using coming into your password.

five. Restart your Router

Sometimes your router is probably the motive of the problem due to the fact your FireStick desires an awesome WiFi sign to paintings. Follow the stairs beneath to reset your router:

Press the reset button to your router and allow it completely boot up earlier than setting up the reference to your Fire Stick.


Unplug your router from the wall, watch for some minutes, plug it returned in. Wait for it to set up a right connection.

  1. Switch HDMI Ports 

Sometimes, if this trouble takes place a lot, a terrible HDMI port or cable can be inflicting the problem.


  • Remove the Fire Stick from the HDMI port you’re the usage of.
  • Try to apply a exceptional HDMI port to your TV.
  • Make positive you’ve got got the Fire Stick plugged right into a wall outlet(now no longer a electricity strip).

Tips: Since maximum HDMI cables appearance the equal, make sure to mark the only that now no longer works if this is the problem. Otherwise, you would possibly cast off the incorrect cable. Wire ties or cable ties are properly for marking defective HDMI cables.

  1. Deregister and Reregister 

Redoing your Amazon Fire TV Stick’s registration is every other not unusualplace technique for solving this problem if all the above does now no longer paintings.


  • Go to the Fire TV menu and pick out Settings.
  • From there, pick out My Account, Amazon Account, and Deregister.
  • Confirm this preference with the aid of using clicking Deregister as soon as extra.
  • Once the display is accomplished loading, it have to show the Registration web page.
  • Sign returned into your Amazon account to reregister your Fire Stick.

Tips: Unlike maximum of those different techniques, you do now no longer need to wait a selected quantity of time to reregister your Amazon Fire TV Stick. You have to be secure to accomplish that immediately.

  1. Update Your Fire Stick

This is constantly an awesome component to test on a everyday foundation irrespective of whether or not you’ve got got any problems or now no longer.

If there had been a few updates launched however your tool didn’t get them for a few reason, it is able to motive a few glitches, just like the domestic web page is unavailable. 

To replace your Fire Stick, visit Settings>My Fire TV>About>Check for System Updates.

  1. Reset the Fire Stick to Factory Settings

If not anything else has labored so far, the remaining component to do is to reset your tool to manufacturing unit settings, with the intention to delete all of the saved information from it.

On your Fire TV, visit Settings(maintain down the Home key at the far off or visit the house display’s pinnacle to discover this).

Select My Fire TV(If you’ve got got an older Fire Stick, you notice it categorized Device or System).

Select Reset to Factory Defaults(whilst requested on your PIN, input it).

Click Reset.

  1. Contact Customer Support

If none of the opposite techniques indexed right here restoration your Amazon Fire TV Stick’s display show, the trouble can be extra severe than a easy glitch.


You can touch Amazon’s customer service number (1-888-280-4331) for a radical evaluation of the trouble. They can also additionally ask you to deliver the Fire Stick returned for examination.

Frequently Asked Questions 

These are the maximum not unusual place questions that humans ask associated with a domestic is presently unavailable trouble. They determined the subsequent records helpful:

Can This Be Fixed Without a Remote?

Yes. If you do now no longer understand what has befell in your far off, a number of the above techniques can nevertheless be accomplished with the Amazon Fire TV app instead.

This app is free, and you could down load it onto a Kindle Fire or maximum mobileular phones.

You also can use a reset technique in which you simply want to unplug your Fire Stick from the wall and plug it returned in after 60 seconds. No far off is needed.

Will These Methods Also Fix a Stuck Fire TV Logo?

Yes, lots of those equal techniques may also restoration a caught Fire TV emblem, as each problems have a tendency to be the end result of a display glitch. The Amazon Fire TV app works for the usage of the techniques referred to for this problem, as well. Check out the listing of the fine streaming gadgets on Amazon now!


Most of the time, whilst your Amazon Fire TV Stick presentations a domestic is presently unavailable message in preference to streaming videos, the problem is virtually a display glitch. Resetting the product or the whole thing related in your Fire Stick has a tendency to restoration the trouble.

Sometimes, a defective HDMI port or cable can also be the supply of your problem. Be positive to mark a defective cable, as HDMI cables are smooth to combine up. Every now after which, the trouble is extra severe, so touch customer support if none of those different answers resolve your problem.

Fortunately, maximum of those fixes are easy and could now no longer price you anything. You do now no longer even need to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick’s far off in case you pick out to get their app.

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