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How To Reset Sony Bravia TV(With/Without Remote)?

The Bravia TV units are Sony’s maximum famous logo line. Sony has grown the logo drastically withinside the beyond few decades.

How to Reset a Sony Bravia TV? Press the Home button for your far flung and visit Settings>Storage and Reset>Factory Data Reset>Erase all records>Follow the on-display screen commands to finish the reset. Bear in mind, manufacturing facility reset will delete all saved records for your TV.

You also can electricity reset your TV through turning it off, unplugging it from the wall, ready 1 minute, then plugging it again in.

However, even the maximum streamlined gadgets face a few troubles now and then. To clear up any troubles, an induvial need to understand approximately their tool and a way to reset it. This article will discover all of the famous methods to reset a Bravia TV set. Discover the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Is There A Reset Button On Sony Bravia TV?

You can use the buttons at the TV’s far flung to reset the TV. You also can use one of the strategies mentioned under to reset the TV. One of those strategies does now no longer even contain any buttons.

However, you can not locate any buttons which are mainly categorized as the “reset” button at the TV itself. A aggregate of the far flung buttons may be used to reset your Bravia TV. You can discover a exact manual approximately this approach withinside the sections under.

How To Reset A Sony Bravia TV?

Follow the stairs under to research approximately “manufacturing facility resetting” a Bravia TV.

Press the “Home” button for your far flung and select “Settings” from the menu that pops up.

Select the “Storage and Reset” choice from the “Settings” menu.

Select the “Factory Data Reset” choice from this set of alternatives and maintain with the on-display screen commands approximately all of the warnings.

This procedure will erase all of the records that has been saved for your TV. It allows the TV run quicker and smoother as its cache is now empty.

How To Reset Sony Bravia TV With A Remote?

You also can use a aggregate of buttons for your far flung to reset your TV. It is a completely easy procedure, with exact steps given under:

Unplug your TV from its outlet to start this procedure.

Hold the “Down” (directional key) button and “Power” button concurrently earlier than plugging the TV again into its outlet.

A inexperienced LED mild will begin blinking. This is while you have to launch the buttons you have been maintaining down.

The TV will reboot more than one instances earlier than the TV subsequently resets, and a welcome display screen seems at the display screen. Your TV will run quicker as its cache can be erased completely.

How To Reset Sony Bravia TV Without A Remote?

You do now no longer want a far flung to comply with the approach defined under.

Unplug the TV and await all of its residual strength to empty out. This normally takes more than one minutes.

After more than one minutes, you may plug it again in and flip it on. This approach is known as a “Power Reset” and might kind out a number of the troubles a TV faces. However, it isn’t always as elaborate (or powerful) as the “manufacturing facility reset” approach defined in different sections.

What Is The Best Way To Reset Sony TV After A Power Surge?

You can unplug the TV and await the electricity to return back again on. After you’re certain the strength deliver is stable, you may plug it again on and comply with the 3 strategies defined above.

How do I reset my vintage Sony TV?

Older Smart TVs additionally have comparable capability and may be reset through the use of the equal strategies defined withinside the sections above. Check out the listing of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!


Each version has its personal variations; however, your solution lies withinside the strategies defined above. The names of the alternatives might not be precisely what they’re for your TV, as Sony maintains on updating its firmware and OS surroundings from time to time.

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