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VPNs for Chrome in 2022

Two types of Chrome VPNs exist: Chrome-only VPNs and desktop app-controlled VPNs. Download VPN software; for example, ExpressVPN works on every app installed on your device from Chrome. While this has many advantages, it may not be suitable for everyone.

If you’re looking for limited access, just the basics, and don’t want full encryption, you might get a free VPN for Chrome that suits your needs, but look for advanced features, privacy, or streaming support. If so, you’ll need a premium product.

Chrome VPN can do it all: IP switching capabilities, quick location changes, and access to websites blocked by your ISP. All this with no desktop app installed is very appealing.

Choose the best VPN for Chrome. 

However, we suggest you do your research when choosing the best VPN for Chrome. There are dozens of VPN and proxy extensions in the Chrome Web Store, and this little app is doing all of your internet traffic. Choosing a reputable provider is essential when effectively verifying your Bytes.

ExpressVPN is the topper – Its interface is easy to use, stable, and above all, it offers full encryption. To help you decide which VPN is good? We’ve compiled a list of 3 Chrome VPNs available today. The other options are also worth exploring, so read on to find the best VPNs for Chrome open today.

A good VPN must have the following.

Plenty of server locations

Server locations should be massive and must be covering each region worldwide.

Full confidentiality

Must Conceal your identity online, and complete privacy should be provided to you when visiting your favorite websites.

Reliable and safe connection

Don’t get hung up on anymore! Our many servers and robust technology ensure an excellent connection on all devices.

Strong encryption

We build a robust platform using 2048-bit encryption to ensure that all your precious data stays perfectly private.

Unlimited bandwidth

There should not be any bandwidth limit to keep a fully unlimited VPN for Chrome.

Instant access to your favorite websites

Must not let any restrictions stand in your way anymore and access any website you’d like from any country

Bypass and watch Live Streaming

Must Circumvent geo-blocking once and for all and should access any streaming site you want.

Compatibility with devices

Whether using a phone or a PC/Laptop, your VPN should always be compatible with both!

Smart connection and high speed

The connection speed must be high and stable so that it doesn’t bother you in any case while browsing, streaming, or playing games online.

Support 24/7

Chat support or Email support should be there for you 24/7

Be careful and take all the measures before choosing a VPN; selecting a cheap and regular VPN is like choosing a car that doesn’t have a good tire and bad engine condition. Therefore, download VPN software that is well-tested and recommended by tech experts.

Our suggested list of VPNs that work fine on Chrome  

  • ExpressVPN


  • Dedicated Chrome extension: Yes 
  • Chrome Web Store rating: 4.7/5 
  • Servers/countries: 3,000+/90+ 
  • Maximum devices supported: 5


  • enrich Chrome extension
  • Best customer support available 24/7
  • Massive international server coverage
  • Reliable and fast speed
  • Requires app for updates

ExpressVPN is a top-rated VPN, so it makes sense that they also have an excellent Chrome VPN extension available. Yes, this is a complete VPN extension, just a proxy like other services offer not.

What you get is a desktop app available in your browser. It means you have to install the client, but once you do, you get a lot of functionality out of the box.

Unlike many Chrome VPN extensions, enabling his ExpressVPN in your browser gives you complete protection for your entire device, not just your browsing traffic. It’s also very convenient that you don’t have to launch the desktop app to use the browser extension. It’s in Chrome and ready to use.

Get location spoofing, WebRTC blocking, and HTTPS Everywhere for fast connection speeds, other apps for all devices, crack support systems along with you, and keep your browsing private if something goes wrong. Chrome VPN also prevents HTML5 geolocation from revealing your location. It is not something the desktop app does automatically.

Accessing foreign streaming service sites via Chrome and Express unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc., which is impressive. If you want to try out the best Chrome VPN, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and we think it will meet, if not exceed, your expectations for a browser-based VPN on offer.

  • FastestVPN


  • Dedicated Chrome Extension: Yes
  • Superb Web Store Rating
  • With roots in Cayman Islands, the security is high 
  • Maximum supported devices: 10


  • Good choice of free servers.
  • Lifetime free data access, if paid once. 
  • Unblocks streaming sites.
  • 24/7 Customer support. 

FastestVPN is the fastest-growing VPN, and another mainstay is the Chrome VPN extension it offers. The browser extension is as powerful as other expensive VPNs, but it works without installing a desktop client, so it’s elementary to use. There are many options.

With their base in the Cayman Islands, there is no government influence on you, no security risks, and no data retention laws have obligated Internet Service Providers to maintain logs of user activity. Let FastestVPN secure your web browsing and keep your data private.

  • Windscribe 


  • Dedicated Chrome extension
  • Chrome Web Store rating: 4.7/5
  • Servers/countries: 400+/60
  • Unlimited devices supported


  • Free 10GB monthly
  • Trusted privacy policy
  • The interface is slightly cramped

Windscribe is an excellent choice if you don’t want to spend your money, but what stands out is the superb Chrome VPN extension. Although this service is a proxy, it does not require a “real” VPN client to be installed on your PC. 

Additionally, the extension includes an impressive set of features. Its blocking features cover ads, social media, other trackers, WebRTC, website notifications, and malware. You also get advanced cookie controls that help spoof and clear them when you leave the page.

Like a full-fledged VPN, the Windscribe Free extension allows you to travel virtually and access geo-restricted websites. You can choose from including Netflix-compatible “Windflix” servers. They should also have one decent range by offering servers in 10 countries (60+ if you choose the premium plan). Netflix-compatible””

Being a free service, it has some drawbacks, mainly the 10GB data limit, but with such a rich extension, it’s forgivable. The premium plan also has unlimited data if you need more data.

It can’t compete with the ExpressVPN extension that powers the desktop client, but it’s different. It is the best free extension of its kind and worth checking out.

Bottom Line

The choice is yours, but we have covered the best VPNs; you must download VPN software to get better access to restricted sites or enhance your browsing website unavailable in your region.

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