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Free Reverse Address Lookup Resources

Reverse address lookups show who lives at a particular street address. An address lookup tool makes it easy to find out everything about the business or home you are interested in.

These services offer information like the past and current owners, the phone numbers associated to the address, the physical location information (square footage, bedroom count) and relatives of the owners.


You do not need to pay to reverse address lookup information because there is so much free information online. For super-reliable results, you can use premium people search engine.

Reverse Address Lookup Sites

Many websites have been designed specifically for reverse search functionality. To learn more about the people who live at an address, visit any of these reverse address lookup websites.

This article includes websites that provide information about physical addresses, but not email addresses. These reverse email search techniques can be used to find email addresses.


To search for an exact address, you can use the Truthfinder address lookup tool. These results will show you the names of all residents (past and present) along with their ages, and any possible relatives.

To find out more about the person and their criminal history, select Open report next any name in the results list. Not all data in the report are free.


Whitepages is the new phone book that’s available online. It can provide all your information needs. Whitepages will provide information about the address, including the owner’s estimated age and other addresses. It also provides a map and details about the area.

The basic information on this page is free. However, if you need more information, please visit the sponsored links section of the results page.


Intelius offers a few tidbits, but you will have to pay for everything else. Click the link and enter the address in the Previous/current Address text field. Next, enter the city/state in the State textbox.

Intelius’ reverse address lookup results reveal the number of bedrooms, the lot size, and the year that the home was constructed.

You can obtain more information about the property, including the ownership details, contact details, the residents, and information about neighbours for a small fee.


AnyWho allows you to determine who is the owner of the property or house, even if you don’t have a physical address. You’ll be able to see information about past and current residents once you have entered the address. provides more details.


Spokeo, another free reverse-address lookup tool, seems to provide unique information that other websites don’t.

Spokeo gives you the property’s value, year of construction, lot size and living area, as well as a map of the surrounding neighborhood. It also shows the heating and cooling details, parking information, and sections for past and current residents. Last names are not shown.

Infotracer is another way to perform a reverse address search to locate a list with names of people who live at each address. Although it takes some time to collect all the names, once the process is complete, you will have a list with all current and past residents as well as their ages and a list with their relatives.

You can get additional information by creating a report. However, this is not free.


That’sThem provides a unique reverse address search tool that identifies lots of information about some addresses such as the owner’s name and PO box. It also identifies age and email address. These details are available for all people associated with the address.

Background reports can be purchased for an additional fee through BeenVerified.

Is it possible to use a search engine for reverse address lookups?

The search engine can be extremely useful for many tasks. However, reverse address lookup is not one of them. A reverse address lookup for a business results in the name of the business and information about the hours it is open.

However, a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing is not designed to cross-reference homeowner information with addresses. They are not able to perform a reverse address search for private addresses. Although you can search Google or any other search engine for address information, the results might not be very useful.

How to perform a reverse address lookup on Google

Google can be used to do a reverse address search. To do this, put quotation marks around the street number and house number, as well as the city name.

“1500 broadway” “new york”

Use quotation marks in search queries to help search engines understand the relationship between different items within an address.

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