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How to Connect Two Routers on a Home Network

This article will show you how to connect two routers to your home network. It can extend the range of your network, support more wireless devices, or act as an access point or switch.

Position a second router

A majority of home computer networks only use one router. However, it is possible to add a second router in certain situations. A second router is used to upgrade a wired network so it can support more wireless devices. This router extends the wireless range to reach remote areas or networks a wired device not close enough to the original router.

A second router allows you to stream video between devices in a home without slowing down other connections. It takes only a few steps to make it all work.

You should place the router near a Windows PC, or another computer you can use to configure it. Wireless and wired routers work best when connected to a computer via an Ethernet cable. Later, you can move the router into its permanent place.

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Connect a second Wired Router

You must connect the second router to the first router using an Ethernet cable. The cable should be plugged into the new router’s uplink port. Sometimes called WAN or Internet. The other end of the cable should be plugged into the router’s uplink port.

Connect a second wireless router

You can connect home wireless routers using Ethernet cable the same way that wired routers are. Although it is possible to connect two routers wirelessly, the second router will only be able to function as a access point in most configurations.

To use the full routing functionality of your second router, you must set it up in client mode. This mode is not supported by many home routers. Refer to the documentation for your specific router model to find out if it supports client mode, and if so how to set it up.

Wi-Fi Channel Settings For Wireless Home Routers

Wireless routers can cause interference between their Wi Fi signals, which can lead to dropped connections or unpredictable network slowdowns. Signal interference is when two wireless routers within the same house use different Wi-Fi frequencies called channels.

The Wi-Fi channel settings of wireless routers are different depending on their model. However, you can modify these settings from the router console. You can avoid interference between routers within a home by setting the channel 1 or 6 of the router and channel 11 of the second router.

Configuration IP Address for a Second Router

Home network routers use a default address depending on their model. The default IP settings for a second router don’t need to be changed unless it is to become a access point or network switch.

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The Second Router can be used as an Access Point or Switch.

These procedures allow an additional router to support a network within a home network. This method allows for additional control, such as limiting their internet access.

A second router can also be configured as an Ethernet switch, or, if wireless, an access point. The arrangement allows devices to connect to the second router like normal, but it does not create a network. For households who want to extend internet access to basic levels and allow file-and printer sharing to other computers, a no-subnetwork setup will suffice. It requires a different configuration process than the one described above.

Configure a second router without subnetwork support

An Ethernet cable can be plugged into the free port on the second router, other than the uplink port, to set up a router as a network switch. Connect it to the port of the first router that is not the uplink port.

You can set up a wireless router to act as an access point by configuring the device for bridge or repeatermodes linked to the first router. For details on the settings, refer to the documentation of the second router.

Update the IP configuration for both wired routers and wireless routers

  • You can check the second router’s IP address and make any necessary changes to it. This will ensure that it is within the same address range as the first router, and does not conflict with other devices.
  • To make sure that the HTMLCP address range is within the address range of your first router, set it. You can also disable DHCP, and manually set each device’s IP address to be within the range of the first router.

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  • How do I connect my router to my modem?

    To connect your router to a modem plug one end an Ethernet cable into the modem and the opposite end into the router’sWAN port. Find the router’s network name on your computer and connect to it using the Wi-Fi key. Next, use a browser to enter the IP address of your router in order to configure router settings. 
  • How can I connect my router to the internet

    To connect a modem to the internet use a coaxial cable or fiber-optic cables. Connect the Ethernet cable to the router’s WAN/uplink port. Then, connect the other end to the modem’s Ethernet port. Turn on the lights by plugging in the power supply. 
  • How can I connect my printer to a Wi Fi router?

    Verify that your router’s wireless network works properly and take down the password. Turn on your printer to access the router’s networking settings. Select the SSID router and enter the Wi Fi password. The printer will be connected to the Wi-Fi network.

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