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How to Schedule Email in Microsoft Outlook

Outlook lets you specify when your email should be sent.

Outlook must be connected to the Internet in order for this feature of Outlook to work.

  1. Create a message. You can either create a new message or reply to an existing message.

  2. Go to the Options Tab.

  3. Select Delay Delivery from the Additional Options group.

  4. Select the Do Not Deliver Before checkbox in the Propertydialog.

  5. Select the date and time you wish to send the message.

  6. Select Close.

  7. Select Send from the message window.

This will place your message in the Outbox up until the time that you specify arrives. Then it is sent.


  • Outlook 2021: How can I defer sending an email?

    After you have written your message, click the Sendbutton drop-down arrow, then choose Send Later. Type a date and time, then choose Send.

  • How can I defer sending an Outlook online email (, doesn’t support the Send Later feature. You’ll need to create your Outlook account on Windows or Mac.

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