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How to See Sent Friend Requests on Facebook

If you don’t have the iOS or Android apps installed on your device, Facebook can be used on a mobile browser.

  1. Open a browser and go to Facebook mobile site. Log in.

  2. Click the Friends button in the menu bar.

  3. Select the down Arrow adjacent to Friend requests.

  4. Choose View sent requests.

  5. Select Cancel to retract a request that you have sent. The request will then be deleted from the recipient’s eyes.

To get to the screen immediately after logging in, you can also search for “m.facebook.com friends requests” using any browser.

View Sent Friend Requests on a Desktop

A desktop browser can be used to view and cancel friend requests

  1. Select Friends in the left vertical pane.

  2. Select Friend Requests.

  3. Select View all sent requests.

  4. If you do not want the request to be sent to the recipient, select Cancel Request

Check out Friend Requests in the Facebook App

You can see all pending friend requests on both the Facebook iOS and Android mobile apps. These steps are shown on an iPhone. However, we have noted the differences in the Android app.

  1. Tap menu (three lines). It is located at the bottom right of your iPhone app and in the upper right corner of your Android app.

  2. Tap friends.

  3. Tap To See All.

  4. Tap More in the upper-left corner. (three dots).

  5. Tap View Sent Requests.

  6. To terminate the request, select Cancel


  • Why can’t someone I like on Facebook be my friend?

    Some users might have their privacy settings set so that they don’t allow friend requests from people other than friends. You won’t see the button to send them a friend request if this is the case. To connect, they will need to send you an email friend request.

  • How can I delete all friend requests sent to Facebook?

    Facebook does not currently offer bulk cancellation of friend requests. These will need to be done one at a given time.

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