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How to Watch Twitch on Roku

This article will show you how to stream Twitch from a Roku streaming device. You can still view your favorite Twitch streamers live on Roku with a workaround.

How do I stream Twitch on Roku

Twitch can be streamed on Roku in three ways: via the official Twitch channel or unofficial Twitch channels. Screen mirroring is also possible from another device. Only those who accessed Twitch via Roku prior to the channel’s removal can access the official Twitch channel. The other two options are available to all.

How to Watch Twitch On Your Roku with the Official Channel

Although the official Twitch channel is not available in the Roku Channel Store you can still purchase it if it has been used in the past. Here are the steps to access the official Twitch channel via Roku.

  1. Navigate to the Roku website using a web browser and click Create channel with code.

  2. Enter twitchtv and click Add Channel.

  3. To agree to continue despite Roku’s warning, click OK

    Although it is generally safe to add uncertified Roku channels that have a good reputation like Twitch or TWOKU, there are some risks. Roku may terminate your ability to add channels that violate their terms and conditions if you are found guilty of adding a channel. You would be able only to use Roku Channel Store channels, although your Roku would still function.
  4. Click Add channel

How to stream Twitch on Roku With an Official Channel

You can’t access the official Twitch channel if you haven’t used Twitch Roku before. You can add an unofficial Twitch channel as your next option. These channels can’t be accessed through the Roku Channel Store so you will need to enter a code in order to gain access

Here’s how you can add the TWOKU app unofficially to your Roku in order to stream Twitch

  1. Navigate to Roku’s website using a web browser and click Create channel with code.

  2. Enter TWOKU and click Add Channel.

  3. To acknowledge Roku’s warning, click OK and move on.

  4. Click Add channel

How does Screen Mirroring Twitch to Roku work?

You can screen mirror or cast by using Twitch. This is done on your phone, tablet or computer. Then, you can cast or screen mirror to your Roku. Windows PCs use the wireless screen feature. Macs and iPhones use airPlay. Android devices use screen mirroring (also known as screencast) and Samsungs utilize smart view.

Some Roku devices don’t support screen mirroring and some Roku devices won’t allow you to cast to Roku. Roku offers a list with devices that support screen-mirroring. Installing an unofficial Twitch channel on your Roku is a good option if you are unable to mirror to it.

You can use Twitch with Roku screen mirroring by opening the Twitch app on your device. To find your Roku, you can use screen mirroring, AirPlay, and wireless display. The device will then search for streaming devices and locate your Roku. You can then choose your Roku from the available options.

Your Roku will mirror the display of your device when you select it through your device’s wireless display, Airplay or screen mirroring settings. You can control Twitch using your device. If you wish to view Twitch on your TV in full screen mode, you can choose the full-screen option.


  • How can I stream on Twitch using Xbox?

    To stream Twitch on an Xbox go to the Microsoft Store and download the Twitch App. Next, connect your Twitch account and Xbox account. Log in to Twitch from your computer. Then, open Twitch for Xbox on your Xbox. Select Login. You will see a code. Enter the code in the Twitch activation webpage.

  • How can I live stream on Twitch

    Open the Twitch Studio app on your Mac or PC and log in to stream live on Twitch. Follow the prompts to set your settings. Once you are satisfied, click Done > Get Started.

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