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Error Code 0xc0000185: What It Is and How to Fix It

The error code 0xc0000185 appears almost every time a Windows computer boots up. It usually occurs after a system reboot. It is almost always a BSOD (or Blue Screen Of Death), with text that reads “The Boot Configuration data for your computer is missing or contains some errors,” followed by an error code. You may also get a message saying, “Your computer needs to be fixed.” Some information is missing from the Boot Configuration Data File. This error can be quickly fixed in most cases.

This error can be found on Windows 8 and Windows 7, but is most often seen on Windows 10.

Causes of error code 0xc0000185

The error code 0xc0000185 results from corrupted files that are related to the boot function on a Windows computer. Some files may have been damaged or deleted, while others such as a malfunctioning shutdown or a new peripheral are causing problems.

This could also be caused by malware or hardware problems.

How to fix error code 0xc0000185

You can’t fix anything unless your computer works again, regardless of whether this error is the primary problem.

Once you have tried all of the above, restart your computer to see if it works. If your system doesn’t respond to any of these fixes, you can try the next solution.

  1. Reboot/restart your computer . Although it is unlikely that this problem will be fixed by a standard reboot, it’s worth trying a complete reset. This problem might be fixed by Windows during the startup sequence.

  2. Rebuild your BCD. Rebuilding the Boot Configuration File is an excellent next step if this error persists. To begin, access the Advanced Startup Options menu.

  3. Use boot media to rebuild the BCD. Sometimes Windows boot problems can be difficult to fix as you cannot access the tools that you need. You can use another Windows installation drive. However, it is easier to create and use a bootable Windows 10 SSD drive. You can download a Windows ISO file from any Microsoft source. Then copy the ISO file to a USB flash drive.

    Next rebuild Windows ‘s BCD in Windows as you did in the previous troubleshooting step. But this time, instead of your main drive, start to your USB drive.

  4. Perform a system restoration. If the BCD is not fixed, you can roll back the system to an earlier point in time. System Restore can delete data and applications. Make sure to back up your data and store it on a secondary drive before you continue. You will need to perform the restore from the Advanced Startup Options menu as Windows cannot be booted properly.

  5. Format your hard drive, and then reinstall Windows. After completing these steps, if your computer still has problems booting up, format it and reinstall Windows. Before you do this, move your programs and data to a new drive. This will wipe the drive.


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    This error is most common when you download an app from Microsoft Store. This error can be fixed by pressing Win+ R on the keyboard, and then entering WSReset. This will reset the Microsoft Store cache.

  • How can I fix the error code ws-37398-1?

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