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How to Clear Router History

How do I clear my Wi-Fi Router history?

Your browsing history is not something that routers keep track of. The routers only store your IP addresses, which is quite rare for an average router. The process to delete your Wi-Fi router history and system logs is easy. This is assuming you know where to look. Here are some suggestions.

Although different routers may have different methods of doing this however the principle is the same. If your router doesn’t match the list, you can search for similar phrases.

  1. Log in to your router using your web browser.

  2. Click Advanced.

  3. Click System.

  4. Click System Log.

    Depending on the router, this may also be called Administration or History or Logs.
  5. Click Clear all or Delete all.

  6. Click yes, agree.

    Some routers will immediately erase your router history logs, so this step may not be necessary.

  7. All logs have been deleted.

Does Unplugging Router Delete History?

It depends on your router. Your log history won’t be saved by most routers if you unplug them. Most routers store key configuration files that are necessary to keep it running once it is plugged back in. These features ensure that the router’s service is not disrupted by a power outage.

Your history may be stored by some router brands. It’s worth looking at the model and features of your router. Even after you unplug your router, there are pros and cons. You can also factory reset the router to delete all history.

What is the Router’s History for?

Your router’s history will vary depending on which device you have. Most routers store only system logs. Some also store IP addresses of visited websites or services.

Many routers that keep some history often offer options to choose how long they want to keep it.

You can also delete information at any time, as explained above.

To find out how long your router’s default settings are for storing system logs and IP addresses, check the manual. It could be a matter of hours, weeks, or months depending on how often you use it.

What do I need to do to delete my router history?

Rarely. You don’t need to delete router history unless there are concerns about other people accessing your system logs, or you intend to sell your router. It’s not necessary for most maintenance tasks.


  • How can I hide my internet history

    You can browse the internet anonymously by using a private browser and a secure search engine such as DuckDuckGo. This doesn’t track your history. Chrome and Firefox have an private mode.

  • What is the best way to check my internet history.

    You can see your router’s history from your router’s admin interface. This is usually located in the same section as where you can delete it. You can also see your browser’s search history .
  • Can I ask my ISP for my internet history?

    No. Your ISP cannot access your internet history. You can opt to not allow your ISP (or hackers) to view your internet history.

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