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How to Close Apps on an Apple Watch

This article will show you how to close an app from your Apple Watch Series 3 and later. This article also contains information about how to force-close apps and how to restart the Apple Watch.

How to Close Apple Watch Apps

It’s possible that your Apple Watch is slowing down, losing battery quickly, or stuck in a program. Your Apple Watch will be able to restart if you close any apps that you are not using.

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These steps will help you to close any apps that you don’t use on your Apple Watch.

  1. Press and release the side buttons on your Apple Watch (not the digital crown).

  2. Scroll through the open apps with your finger or digital crown.

  3. Click on the app that you wish to close, and then swipe left to right. To close the app, tap the large Xin red box.

The Apple Watch does not automatically remove an app from its dock after you close it.

How to Close Apps on an Apple Watch

Press and hold the side buttons until you see the Shutdown screen. Then press and hold down the digital crown to close the app.

To force the app to close, you must be present in it.

How to Reboot an Apple Watch

Reboot your Apple Watch if you are having trouble closing an app using any of the methods above. You have two options:

  • Restart your Apple Watch by pressing the side button, and then sliding Power off.
  • Force restart An unresponsive watch can be reset by pressing the side buttons and digital crown simultaneously until the power button turns off.

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