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How to Fix It When You Can’t Turn off Restricted Mode on YouTube by Network Administrator

YouTube will display the error “Please verify your network administrator restrictions” whenever you try to access content YouTube has marked as sensitive or disturbing.

This error is only displayed if the network administrator has restricted mode enabled. While you can usually disable restricted mode in YouTube parental setting, there may be times when it is not possible.

The network administrator might have set YouTube restricted mode for everyone on the school or work network. You can contact your network administrator to ask them if they can block restricted access. To be granted access, you will need to have a valid reason.

Why is my YouTube in restricted mode by the network administrator?

This error can also be caused by a network administrator turning off restricted mode.

  • To restrict YouTube content, router DNS settings can be set
  • YouTube can be restricted by browser add-ons
  • Even though you have changed the setting, your browser cache and cookies may still retain it.
  • You may have web security software installed that restricts YouTube content

You can limit content by setting restrictions on other settings. So, take the time to look at each one and eliminate them all.

How do you fix this video? Please check your network administrator restrictions.

These fixes will resolve the problem that prevents you from changing YouTube’s restricted mode settings.

  1. Disable browser plugins and add-ons. It is easy to disable add-ons and plugins in Chrome or . You should try disabling all of them. This is a great first step to determine if YouTube restricted mode is being enforced by your browser add-ons.

  2. Clear your browser cache. The browser may be trying to load YouTube’s restricted mode without changing the settings. This issue may be resolved by clearing the cache.

  3. Turn off screen time on iOS. This feature can be found in the Android Digital Wellbeing Settings. Screen Time, a parental setting on mobile phones that can block sensitive YouTube videos, is called “screen time”. It can block YouTube content even if restricted mode is disabled if you don’t realize it’s enabled.

  4. Chrome’s SafeSearch feature must be disabled if you are using Google Chrome. It is part of Google’s parental controls and, if enabled, can also restrict YouTube content.

  5. Temporarily Disable Windows Firewall, and Antivirus Software. Disable Windows Defender while you’re at that. You may have problems viewing YouTube videos if any of these are disabled.

  6. Verify parental controls for your router. Make sure your router isn’t blocking YouTube via IP address . These router security settings could affect your ability to view YouTube videos or access restricted content.

  7. Use a VPN. This will alter the way your computer accesses the internet. This may resolve any issues caused by network hops filtering YouTube content. You can also try changing your DNS settings and accessing any number of free DNS services. This could fix the restricted mode issue.


  • YouTube’s restricted mode can I disable it?

    To disable restricted mode on YouTube launch YouTube in a browser and sign in. Select your profile and then choose Restricted mode: On at the bottom of the menu.

  • YouTube’s restricted mode is not working.

    You can’t turn off restricted mode if your account is part Family Link where a parent acts as the account supervisor. You may also be connected to a network that is controlled by another entity such as a school, library, or other institution. In this case, restricted mode will not work.

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