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How to Install TWRP Custom Recovery on Android

This article will show you how to add the Team win Recovery Project Custom Recovery Tool to your Android device. These instructions are applicable to all smartphones and tablets running Android 7.0 (Nougat), or later.

How to install TWRP on Android

This method works on all Android devices.

Back up your device data before installing TWRP Custom Recover. Root your device then unlock the bootloader. Failure to do this can cause problems with the installation and render your device inoperable.

  1. Go to Google Play Store and then download the Official TWRP App.

  2. Accept the Terms and Conditions by opening the app

  3. Check the Run with root permissions box and then choose OK.

    Flash TWRP on an unlocked device with an unlocked bootloader to get root access if you’ve made it this far.

  4. Select TWRP Flash and then choose Allow to allow access requests.

  5. Select Select Device and then select your device from the drop-down menu. You can either type the device’s name or scroll down to search for it.

    You can’t use the majority of the features of the app if you don’t know the model number of your device.

  6. Save the TWRP image file to your device.

  7. Go back to the app, select and choose a file to flash.

  8. Select the image file you want to save.

  9. Click Flash Recovery and confirm the action. It takes only seconds for the operation to complete.

TWRP allows you to test unreleased or unofficial software, such as modified versions of Android OS, beta releases of upcoming releases, and apps that are not available on the Google Play Store. You can use TWRP to install read-only memories (ROM), wipe the device clean, back it up, and restore the device’s factory settings.

Confirm that TWRP was installed correctly

If the setup process failed, you can select Recoverymode to see if it worked. The device reboots and displays the TWRP interface.

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